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  • :3 Alrighty! I appreciate the head's up. I'll send the art piece to whichever account you'd prefer hun <3 I'll also link to it on the forums in case you check there first!
    Hey, Yuki!
    My old profile (cattitudinal) was kind of a test run to see if I like the community here. Well, I've confirmed that I do, so I brought in my actual profile.
    You can feel free to send the art piece to me, to my old profile, or on your general forum.
    Just an FYI, really.
    Your picture is finished. I do apologize if it's not good enough i am happy to redo it if i must.
    Ahhh same here! I always get whooped whenever I try to do wifi battles, or even battles with my friends...
    Yeah, cute pokemon just make me so happy.... I have a tendency to build my teams around really cute pokemon l ‿ l;;
    Raichu is definitely another really cute pokemon! And same here. I collected 4 or 5 Audino before I decided that I needed to actually train my pokemon instead of hoard them, hahaha
    Oh that's easy. The problem is that people under-estimate how easy charcoal smudges and try to overcompensate when using it. Think of using it as like fingerpaint. The only way to get fine details with either is to have a huge drawing, also that when smudging it imagine that it's like water and any highlights are areas you want to keep dry. The only way to get true highlights is to not smudge it in the first place and drage the charcoal from the shadows to the midtones.
    Thanks. I love charcoal drawing. I used to draw with charcoal all the time and I'm glad to be back.
    Okay now I'm embarassed. I didn't think others would link me on their fa pages or such.
    Hey do you have Skype? :3 We can talk more on there about what happened and about the commission. I'm interested on this issue you're having.
    Ouch! Well once Fa is back up I'll start on it. Here's hoping they fix the database sooner rather than later.
    I got back from grocery shopping and have all my stuff out to draw, but fa is down and didn't save your reference. Do you have a Da page or a link to your reference for your character? If you don't I'll have to wait till fa is back up.
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