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    Force Reset of Passwords?

    Thousands of people including me has lost there account until further notice tbh FA is gonna take like 12 days or more to get them off the hook with all those password reset emails -_-
  2. Z01Y0NYA

    Why do we keep being raided by bots?

    Why isnt there a spam filter on this forum?
  3. Z01Y0NYA

    What new games are you looking forward too?

    ReCore, DOOM, Mirrors edge catalyst and Dreams for PS4
  4. Z01Y0NYA

    aaaarg she blows

    Im using the introduction section, I'm new xD I can't say I have many favorite things but like right now I'm trying to look for Lego NXT sets that cheap (the actual sets cost 350$ @w@) so right there I'm a Lego nerd, then that tops with 3D art then video games top that as the thing I waste my...
  5. Z01Y0NYA

    aaaarg she blows

    I got bored of undertale after a while but I will say this: The SFM model of mettaton ex looks like a combination of bender from futurama and a Michael jackson, lol that's all I think about mettaton =X
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    aaaarg she blows

    I'll just choose red
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    The Whatever Chat

    this thread is from 2005 when I was in elementary.... ACTION FIGURES AND GAMECUBE ALL DAY ERRYDAY!!!
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    Any blender 3D Artists/Genuises/Masters out there????

    I just discovered what I was trying to do with a different yet somewhat not to complicating method, I do appreciate trying to help me out anyway =) Yeah the biggest pro of blender out of everything is that its 100% free no email verification, subscription or any of that BS But then I cant...
  9. Z01Y0NYA

    Any blender 3D Artists/Genuises/Masters out there????

    Nononono its just a simple method of allowing the objects axis to be a different orientation applied from an edit mode selection from a normal tansform orientation... Look if its really hard to understand then I understand that, I dunno but I've been trying to discuss with others about this and...
  10. Z01Y0NYA

    Any blender 3D Artists/Genuises/Masters out there????

    Well, would you happen to know where I can get a free autodesk download? And yes I'm trying to change the objects axis to an axis based off a normal orientation selection from edit mode so I can use that objects axis as a parent axis for other objects, I know its hard to explain but imagine I...
  11. Z01Y0NYA

    Any blender 3D Artists/Genuises/Masters out there????

    So for MONTHS I have been trying to accomplish this one simple method in blender that I cant seem to solve.... Would ANYONE know how to do this? Or atleast know where the addon for this is located? And if you understand what im trying to do... would there be any alternatives??? I tried...
  12. Z01Y0NYA

    aaaarg she blows

    So I just realized FA Re-Enabled the forums, good good. Lets start out with who the hell I am: My Fursona goes by the name "Blue" because im a blue dragon :V (Original!1!!) Now we have all that furry stuff outta the way lemme tell ya folks a thing er 2 :3 Im highly interested in 3D artwork...