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  • Yusss. I compose music and stuff. Mostly orchestral. XD

    Haha, I guess that's just the nature of such things.
    but! but! but! mr.sparta insisted we fight! everyone needs their weekly dosage of blood sports :3
    i didnt even notice that our names differ by 1 letter and an apostrophe....
    wana fight about it?
    You are now on a list somewhere in the forums database. :V

    "Very interesting" :p :V
    I've only been to their fourms a few times (no account for obvious reasons). The otherkin to not-otherkin ratio over there is quite high compared to other places, I must say.

    Truth be told I don't know exactly why RP is banned, it's probably because it would be an absolute pain to moderate on a forum of this size (we're also PG-13 and we'll inevitably get people who want to do stuff that is not PG-13). I wasn't on staff when that rule was put into place. XD
    Awesome! You're from herpy right?

    Don't ask how I know that since I'm not old enough to visit that site shushhh. :V.

    (Goddamn vbulletin doesn't allow text sizing in visitor messages) XD
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