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    Furry Gay/Bi Pride Anklet

    Depends on what you want to make, you just need to be creative rly. I remember that the ones we made when we were little was lots of thin strings twirled in different ways with different colours, we used up to 10 strings in a single bracelet, depending on how thick the person wants it. Its...
  2. Zarbolord

    Are you uber-furry?

    Does the fact that I lick, pounce, scratch me ears, growl, and other sorts of behaviour make me uver furry? Yes imo rofl.
  3. Zarbolord

    Furry Gay/Bi Pride Anklet

    A friend and I used to make bracelets when we were 10 haha, good old friednship bracelets, made enough for the whole class at tthe time, but if u want stuff written on it, go buy yourself some beads with letters on! :D
  4. Zarbolord

    Brittish furs

    Now from the topic question there's two things that came to mind, are you asking for ppl living in the UK or just nationals? Well I don't have a nationality, too many to be exact (but meh french passport, bleh). Hybrid Project Alpha, I dare you to know who I am rofl. Might be slightly...
  5. Zarbolord

    What MMO should I play?

    I suggest you play Phantasy Star Online Blueburst. There's a free server, been there for a while now actually xD They're also gonna start hosting for ep3 C.A.R.D Revolution soon, so I suggest u have a look. Schthack Blueburst rules =] (altho Chrono is the hoster now).
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    Multiple Fursonas?

    Oh I didn't even answer the topic in my post xD I can only have 1 fursona, cos I am that fursona, and in no way would I be able to cope with more, which is impossible anyway cos al my personality is dragon derived (also good to know its understandable rofl).
  7. Zarbolord

    Multiple Fursonas?

    Fursona... its a very long story -_-;;; To make this not too painful and breif I'll just say that my human and animal personalities had been separated and kept on fighting each other in my head (many years of breakdown meh). But recently some1 helped me fuse them. I'm... my own fursona... does...
  8. Zarbolord

    Who here likes dragons?

    In a sens dragons do exist rly cos the myth of the dragon, atleast scientifically explained, comes from when ppl in ancient times were digging for house foundations and such (u can imagine the construction of big cities like Rome or Paris) and found dinosaur bones. Of course, as curious as we...
  9. Zarbolord

    Brittish furs

    Says on my location rofl.
  10. Zarbolord

    Anyone like their steaks rare?

    I absolutly detest red meat... Chicken, frogs, snails, u name it, I eat that stuff. Red meat... no. And I've had my share of germs, intestinal worms and other invertebrates from university lectures to put me off anything uncooked properly.
  11. Zarbolord

    Where and How Much

    Very nice costumes there Beastcub.
  12. Zarbolord

    Oppertunity for all Furries

    -The complex emotions of falling in love is a good theme... So many feelings all at once heheh. -The loss of a loved one, that one hurts, been thru it many times but also a good theme (takes the stress away) -Descriptive poems of anthros, something like... His fur plaqued on his body As the wind...
  13. Zarbolord

    Who here likes dragons?

    Ooooh we're liked xD *puts on sexy ripped jeans shorts* I'm rdy for a date!!! (rofl)
  14. Zarbolord

    What weapon does your fursona use?

    I tend to use magic more than actual weapons but I did carve myself twin swords. Long swords being my specialty I guess. But yea I use magic more than the swords, so dark flames, healing, aura curing, etc..
  15. Zarbolord

    Why do you need to modify words

    I usually don't go into that kind of speech, but I do tend to go into babyish language sometimes, depending on how I feel at the moment, and specially when I flirt, I get all cute yet serious, but meh. I think its ok from time to time, just depends on the situation. Too much of anything always...