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  1. Zasha

    Currently/Recently Playing Thread

    Suggest giving War for the Overworld a try. Very much like DK2 but better new OS and network support. Also I am stuck in Guild Wars 2, Stellaris, Armello and Risk of Rain.
  2. Zasha

    Anyone play Path of Exile?

    A hint late but I tend to play it as well. Never REALLY stopped since forever. Mostly play softcore leagues. https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/Achtas
  3. Zasha

    Starcraft II?

    I do.
  4. Zasha

    Starcraft II?

    Ah well mine on US is Achtas#315 and would not mind playing a bit. generally I play Zerg and on EU.. lessee. 2v2 usually goes to high diamond and never did a lot of 1v1s but i did get to Gold very early on. xD;
  5. Zasha

    Path of Exile

    Was wondering if there were others around there that played Path of Exile as well? What is Path of Exile? Well it is a role playing game, wouldn't quite say MMO. A cross between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3, taking the best parts of both and combining into something truly awesome. Since January 23rd...
  6. Zasha


    Haven't played for a long while, though I would definitely be up for it with those from the EU scene. ^^
  7. Zasha

    [Skyrim] As horrible a thought as it is...

    Ehh I have fiddled around with it quite a bi. there are some better textures available on Nexusmods and a few mods that broaden things such as followers and marriage. Though honestly I have not seen too much input on it. Largest base is still on Morrowind.
  8. Zasha

    SL custom avatar

    As mentioned above I am not looking to commission someone for artwork. :p
  9. Zasha

    SL custom avatar

    Hmm, as much as I know you should be able to get textures from Zbrush though sadly I am not all that aware of these things, hence why I am seeking for a commission. xD
  10. Zasha

    SL custom avatar

    Basically yes, interested in a commission of such sort. Be it a completely custom or a modified one. Seeing as my own brain does not want to wrap around these matters I am looking for anyone willing to take on such a commission or point me in the direction of someone that might be accepting...
  11. Zasha


    Trying to construct a parthanon. Started twice, got half way but never managed to finish due to either server resets or lack of time during the summer. Sigh. >:
  12. Zasha

    Heroes of Newerth

    LoL is a lot more new user friendly to the genre though for someone who has played a lot of DotA it's a rather skill degrading game I've noticed. So if you prefer something a tad faster paced and competitive I suggest HoN hands down. But if you want something to idly pass time with and not have...
  13. Zasha

    Starcraft 2 furries ^.^

    Just log into battle.net and click the huge SC2 picture on the front page. Then hover over your profile picture on the right side of the website and it should tell you your friend code.
  14. Zasha

    Anyfur plays Portal 2?

    Oh I do have a mic. Constantly sitting in Skype and such. ^^;
  15. Zasha

    Anyfur plays Portal 2?

    Have Portal 2 though still haven't played Co-op. x3