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    Word association

  2. Zehlua

    I feel hollow but I'm in the right place to heal.

    I feel hollow but I'm in the right place to heal.
  3. Zehlua

    The Masked Singer

    When will they make paws and cosplay gloves I can use my touch screens with?! Aaaa
  4. Zehlua

    Update: I got my picture featured in the west Seattle blog!

    Dangit why didn't I get to go
  5. Zehlua

    The Masked Singer

    I catch glimpses of it at work and wish I could employ some of the design elements for fursuits
  6. Zehlua

    Helluva Boss | Hazbin Hotel Discussion Thread

    Stolas is just excellent. Very cool character in a fascinating show.
  7. Zehlua

    What is Your Scariest Movie Monster?

    The Blob from the 1980's film scared me SO BAD as a kid!!!
  8. Zehlua

    What do you put on scrambled eggs?

    My Ava taught me to put a little salt and black pepper on my eggs
  9. Zehlua

    Tips and tricks for university?

    Leave as soon as possible.
  10. Zehlua

    Who is your hero/role model?

    Captain Amelia from Treasure Planet Mister Rodgers
  11. Zehlua

    Game ideas

    Cursed Candyland (it's all vegetables, and the castle at the end is a gelatin egg salad)
  12. Zehlua

    What got you to join the fandom?

    Been a furry for as long as I can remember. Didn't know there were other people like me until I hit high school.
  13. Zehlua

    furrys in Washington? near sunny side??

    I think I'm too old to hang out with y'all, but I live near Seattle
  14. Zehlua

    Unpopular movies you enjoy

    Strange Magic is one of my favourite movies, and I know it's hot garbage
  15. Zehlua

    Unpopular movies you enjoy

    Have you heard of the movie Thale?