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  • *dramatically zooms in and out in front of your face*

    Going to bed now though xD
    Thanks for the tip, but I already played a bit with the lines. You wouldn't want to see the raw image. And even after that it's still too pastelle and actually I doubt that anything can be done about that, at least not by me :p Some may like it, bah, even I don't think that it's totally shite, but it isn't the effect I wanted. But whatever, what can you expect from the first image did in the greyscale anyway.

    I'll try playing a bith with the cel shading and lighting in crucial spots, maybe I can get a better effect with the small help of the screen and multiply.

    About the tilt, indeed, you were right, I wanted to show the struggle against the heavy wind but I overdid it. 10* was enough tho.

    Something about that last statement rings true for me. Such are the perils of a treasure hunter though, yes?
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