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  1. Zenia

    Is fursuiting like blackface

    ... Seriously? Your GF is a moron.
  2. Zenia

    Draw my Capricabbit/Bunnykid?

    Bazinga! :D http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17323040/
  3. Zenia

    Could I get someone to draw my fursona for free?

    Sure thing. Here ya go. :D http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17322843/
  4. Zenia

    Can you still be a furry if...

    I'd say that most furries do not have suits.
  5. Zenia

    Artist's choice adult commissions

    Sounds like a cool idea. Since this sounds pretty much like how I run my YCH sales, then I'd price it the same way. Any image you wanted would be $35. Includes cel shading and a minimal BG (so they have somewhere to do the deed). I have a vast number of examples on my FA gallery...
  6. Zenia

    What is the weirdest thing you've eaten out of desperation?

    Yeah, I've picked mould spots off of my cheese buns before. Like, I *know* that the mold has already grown further into the bun than the green bit I can see... but as long as the green bit is gone, I'm all good. ... Chicken burgers on any other type of breadstuff is just wrong.
  7. Zenia

    In need of a book cover

    http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17147058/ I made you one. Hope you like it! You didn't mention the name of the book, so I made up my own title.
  8. Zenia

    What is the weirdest thing you've eaten out of desperation?

    Chicken bologna (the cheapest sandwich meat at like $0.89/100gr) on white bread with a touch of mustard. Noodles with margerine and a little bit of chicken OXO powder. Both were at times when I had pretty much $5/wk to my name.
  9. Zenia

    Commenting on Commissions

    As an artist, I would prefer if comments/faves were left on my uploads. I am the one that made the thing after all.
  10. Zenia

    How old do you look?

    I've never cared how old other people think I look, so I've never asked. I think I look my age (32) though. I don't buy tobacco, alcohol or lotto so I don't get carded. I did buy alcohol a few times between 19 and 25 and was never asked for ID... the only time I was, was when I bought a lotto...
  11. Zenia

    Comic artist wanted (transformation themed)

    I could do this. My rate is $30usd per page. I do square pages, so typically 4 panels per page though I do sometimes break a panel or two up to give the illusion of speed, or merge two (to make one big one) together. My work is colored and generally has BGs (even if they are simple). I am also...
  12. Zenia

    Adult Add on Main Site

    I've now seen the ads that have been talked about (my browser has always blocked ads so I didn't see them before) and I have revised my opinion from earlier. Those ads are gross. Especially the ones referring to women as "bitches" and the ones offering to help with extra-marital affairs.
  13. Zenia

    Adult Add on Main Site

    If the malware is weeded out and adult ads are only posted on 'adult' rated submissions... I don't see a problem. I have ads blocked anyway.
  14. Zenia

    Living with Furries.

    My previous roommate was a furry. I just happened to be looking to move out of my place (and away from my terrible roommates) and he happened to post on a local furry forum saying that he wanted to move to my city. We made plans to meet up to see if we got along. We did so we started looking for...
  15. Zenia

    What art program(s) do you use to do your digital art?

    Mainly SAI, but I animate things (after using SAI for the frames) and add text to things with my old version of Photoshop.