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  1. ZeuzValein

    Recommendations on FPS

    I've been using Toon Boom Harmony for years (currently on Harmony 17 Premium), and I've been using 4k 30 fps for the past five years with great success, and I am wondering from everyone here: Is it really worth the effort to work in 8k resolution and/or 60 fps. While 60 fps does produce a much...
  2. ZeuzValein

    3D art programs?

    The problem is certainly that the computer doesnt have processing speed. Scultris (the free version of Z Brush) has a recommended 4 thread CPU within the last two or three years of an i5 or the last three years of an i7. Plus A lit of the crashing can also be GPU based as if you have too low of...
  3. ZeuzValein

    Hiring: Looking for a Custom Character Artist - Budget 300 USD

    Searching For Custom Character Budget 300 USD Subject Matter Anthropomorphic Equine 90% / Dragon 10% Project Contents (Contains NSFW Content) • Three View Reference Sheet with Full Details (SFW & NSFW Versions) • • Profile Icon • • Convention Badge • • Axpression Sheet • • Clothing...
  4. ZeuzValein

    Hiring: Needing Custom Second Life Avatar - 50 USD Budget

    Hello! Today I am looking to get someone who can do decent 3d modeling and rigging (for animations) of an anthropomorphic, digigrade and mostly realistic equine that is going to be the Second Life Avatar for me. Model should also be realistically textured and shaded and so on with animations...
  5. ZeuzValein

    Hiring: Looking For Telegram Stickers | Budget -12 to 25 USD

    I am currently in the market to buy some Telegram stickers for my zebra Zeuz. These stickers must be flat-color non-cartoony styled, telegram stickers. I am hoping to get around 10 to 20 stickers at about 12 to 25 usd each. Respond with only examples of stickers (do not post price sheets) and...