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Recent content by Zhyrersh the Sarcastic

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    What games are you looking forward to?

    As of now, I am quite looking forward to the next expansion for World of Warcraft called Cataclysm, and Diablo III, because I have had many fond memories of Diablo II since I first got it. Other games I am looking forward to are the Pokemon remakes, Heart Gold and Soul Silver, as those games...
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    What annoys ye?

    1. Charizard 2. Charizard fanboys (Yeah, I'm going that distance) 3. Snobs 4. Sonic recolors 5. Parents who can't raise their children worth crap 6. Bogans 7. Summer heat 8. Lack of Death penalty in Australia 9. Posers 10. Naysayers
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    Gaming letdowns (that actually seemed promissing)

    MapleStory... Nuff said... Also, the expansion to Dungeon Siege II.
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    WoW Private Servers Petition

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    So, what is everyone playing now? ^_^

    WoW, and sometimes some WiiWare games on my Wii, of course.
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    The new banner is humorous and entertaining.

    Yes! Thank you, good sir!
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    I want to get a DS

    I could recommend Final Fantasy IV and Tactics A2 in addition to Space Invaders Extreme. Best games you can pick up.
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    Favorite POKEMAN!

    Because making another topic about the same thing makes a whole heap of sense, I assume?
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    WoW Geeks anyone?

    Bladefist US Toranirov - Level 40 Draenei Paladin Tomozerue - Level 7~8 Gnome Mage
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    Online Gamers

    WoW : Toranirov (Bladefist - US server) MapleStory : Tonosair (Kradia server - global)
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    Nintendo Strikes Back!

    Ahh, Punch out... I can tell you right now I enjoyed the Mike Tyson's Edition for the NES, and even Super Punch Out for the SNES. I can tell I will be looking forward to this treat after so many years of there not being a sequel.
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    Things in video games that annoy the @#%$ out of you.

    MapleStory : Finding anyone for a party quest before you level up unable to do that actual quest. First group I have tried it with, they were fighting like ten-year-olds. And now, I am just waiting for two other friends to either get the game or level up to the appropriate level, which I feel is...
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    Maplestory anyone?

    Since my sister wants to play this game, I have to break off not playing just to do this for her, but odds are I'll probably be stuck in the Kradia server.
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    Cho Aniki!

    But the insanity, it is what all true warriors strive for! That and muscles with epically smexy bondage gear!
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    Cho Aniki!

    If anyone had bothered to at the very least play the first game, you'd be surprised at how good it actually is. It is, as a matter of fact. Same as in Australia's VC. The second game I am waiting for to come out for the VC here so I can take a whack at the weirdness and the "manliness".