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    RANT: Stop oversexualizing your fursonas; treat them like characters.

    I'll make my character as hot as I want to, thanks. It's my character. If you're judging people negatively because they enjoy adult content and prefer their character look sexy they're not the one with the issue-you are. Besides, OP-you have no idea how much background people have put into those...
  2. zidders

    Is dating allow in this?

    If you have to ask if asking people for dates is allowed on FA you probably shouldn't be randomly asking people for dates. If you were in any legitimate position to ask someone to date you, you wouldn't need to worry about FA because you'd be communicating with them via Telegram or something...
  3. zidders

    Still 503'ing.

    The whole house is wi-fi (unfortunately). I have no way of trying VPN (all the trustworthy services cost $$$).
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    Still 503'ing.

    I've already run a pretty thorough scan and had everyone in the house run scans just in case. That's not an issue. The site was working fine for awhile last night after I cleared my browser history. Then it started 503'ing again this morning. I give up lol.
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    Still 503'ing.

    It's been over a month now and i'm still getting tons of 503 errors. 99% of the time I try to access FA I can't. I've tried other browsers, tried accessing it via mobile, tried clearing my cookies, resetting our router, etc. No matter what I do FA is borked. I'm about ready to give up on a site...
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    FA keeps logging me out

    I've been getting 503 errors ever since FA got DDoS'd. Nothing that I've tried helps. I filed a trouble ticket but after letting them know I clearer my cookies, tried another browser, etc they never replied. That was several days ago now. It's frustrating because not only can I not upload I...
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    Copyright disclaimer

    In the case of J.K. Rowling you would need to call her publishing companies legal representatives.
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    Words of the Wizarding World(First draft)

    First off 'Wizarding World' is most definitely trademark J.K. Rowling thus making your use of it possible copyright infringement. Second you should be aware of what typefaces you're using (if you're looking to make this a commercial product or publish it in any way) as many of them are...
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    Copyright disclaimer

    My advice is before you get to work on something like a Harry Potter dictionary because many specific words and place-names used in the series are trademark J.K. Rowling you should consult a lawyer who specializes in copyright before considering your work protected by copyright.
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    Anyone else turn their drawings upside down to see if something looks good?

    Usually artists will flip images from left to right or vice versa. This causes your brain to see things about your drawing you weren't seeing before. Flipping it upside down can do the same but it's not as easy to correct mistakes/make alterations that way.
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    Main Site Any way to remove the drag & drop submission box & go back to the old way?

    I haven't been able to upload anything for a week because every time I use the drag & drop box it gets stuck on 'uploading'. Yet I can create journals just fine. I've never liked drag & drop boxes anyways as it's just another layer of complexity that adds to how much time it takes for me to...
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    Wanting to make a muppet version of my 'sona. Any tips?

    Looking for any advice anyone might have in regards to materials and construction plus any suggestions as to websites I could check out showing me how to build a handsona :) My OC is a partially anthropomorphic kangaroo named Zid (of course) and I think he'd look great in puppet form. I've...
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    What Are You Listening To?

    I'm listening to an awesome cover of Dio's Holy Diver by a band called Liliac. They're awesome. Lead singer's totally channeling RJD.
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    Why Are Canine Sonas The Most Popular?

    Because they evolved alongside us and have formed one of the closest bonds between human and a different species we know of. Plus they've been in popular media more and more since the turn of the 20th century. The whole dog thing really took off with Jack London's 'Call of the Wild'. Published...
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    Mister Metokur's new video about furry fandom

    The best thing to do is ignore this guy. Does the fandom have issues? Yeah and from what I've seen plenty of people in the furry fandom are calling those issues out.