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    Summer Games Done Quick!

    what you're looking for is called a "let's play" btw, 100% almost always uses glitches as well; OoT 100 doesn't finish in four and a half hours just by strategically cutting corners.
  2. ziK

    Draw/mail some doodles and stuff ($5)

    WHAT: Art mailers COST: $5 (+, if you like) SLOTS: 10 Here's the scoop. I'm going to draw actual pictures of actual things and send them to actual people in the mail. I'm driving 2,500 miles to grad school in three weeks and I have an abundance of stamps/envelopes as well as index cards, paper...
  3. ziK

    Separation of Journal and Submission Watches

    I'd like to bump this because it's still a significant feature that FA should have by now. The arguments in favor of it are pretty strong and clear, and I can delineate them once more if needed, but it really should get done.
  4. ziK

    Looking for two separate artists (flat color w/background)

    I'd like to get two videogame-themed commissions. If you're worried about Shigeru Miyamoto suing you over furry fan art, this won't be the job for you. It'd really just be my typical blue otter (http://www.furaffinity.net/user/zik/) in one of two game settings. Simple background, maybe with...
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    Separation of Journal and Submission Watches

    Are these threads monitored by coders/admins?
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    Separation of Journal and Submission Watches

    Please re-read my contentions in my posts. I'm positive I'm not the only one who would want this option. And to limit a website only because no one else is pioneering such a simple feature is ludicrous. Instead of ctrl + F for every single person I actually care about, why not automate it...
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    Separation of Journal and Submission Watches

    I'm watching 367 people. Only 20-30 are people I know at all IRL and would ever actually care about reading the journals from. That means every day I have to nuke 40 journals I don't want to read after skimming through and making sure there aren't any by people I actually care about. Think of...
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    Separation of Journal and Submission Watches

    When will this be implemented? It's probably the most detracting part of the site.
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    Full-body colored sketch

    I'm narrowing down my list of potentials; I wanted to make it clear that my upper price limit is $10 USD, maaaaaaaybe a little more.
  10. ziK

    Full-body colored sketch

    Potentially hiring a cheap sketch, full-body, colored. I'd like to know who's actively hiring and reads these and what their rates are. If you need any more information, please let me know :)
  11. ziK

    Murrsuiters get event cancelled and possible full-life consequences

    stopped there; you should stop trolling so hard, 0/10, someone's gonna report you one of these days >:{
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    Six free icon slots! Post yo' refs. GET IT RIGHT, GET IT TIGHT.

    i watched your account - post something if you're gonna stream B)
  13. ziK

    Six free icon slots! Post yo' refs. GET IT RIGHT, GET IT TIGHT.

    http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3392417/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7089466/ something devious like the second ref would rule >:3
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    RMFC Art Prize Volunteers

    RMFC Art Prize Volunteers (FREE PROMOTION!) Hiya! This is Zik, one of the organizers of the video game tournaments at Rocky Mountain Fur Con from August 10-12 in Denver, Colorado. With some collaboration from the convention book printer/designer I'm trying to get some prizes for the winners of...
  15. ziK

    MTV -finally- got back to me

    wait furries actually care what other furries think about anything? what are you trying to pull here? rofl "hey lemme get Zik's permission it'll make everyone feel better" btw spill your game plan, i love when people white knight the furry fandom and i want to see what muck is gonna dump on...