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    Same-Sex Dating Question

    Tell me about it, like a good 90% of everyone where I am start to shutter at the mere thought of anything [not even an understatement...they literally collapse]. Best advise I can give as someone who’s made mistakes before... just make sure you really like the man before even starting anything...
  2. ZoeyKitten

    Does anyone else feels like an outcast in this community?

    Welcome to my whole life. I’ve not been on the forums for long (nor do I even come here often now) but I’ve been trying to make friends in this fandom for a few years now, and tbh from everything that I’ve read and seen it really doesn’t seem that easy if your not an extroverted “HEY IM IN YOUR...
  3. ZoeyKitten

    Any meets in Connecticut?

    Well hopefully I’ll make it to the con next time lol, bowling you say?
  4. ZoeyKitten

    Favorite scary movie that isn’t horror?

    So having just watched San Andreas and being more terrified than when I watched many horror films I began wondering if other people/creatures/whatever you like to be called got scared by a non horror film before.
  5. ZoeyKitten

    Hello... Names Zoey.

    I am also really reallly tired atm lol
  6. ZoeyKitten

    Hello... Names Zoey.

    Man I’m already looking at this and realizing how bad of a first impression this is lol
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    Hello... Names Zoey.

    Well you could also call me Shade, Kitten, Phantom... Xiraź the betrayed........ I have a lot of names in mind and haven’t decided on one yet lol.. besides the Xiraź one, it’s for rp stuff like d&d. ANYWAY hello I am very awkward with introductions and am very introverted in a very extroverted...
  8. ZoeyKitten

    Any meets in Connecticut?

    Besides the meet that seems to have died off about 3 years ago there doesn’t seem to be much of if not anything in Connecticut... I mean.... there’s also the con that happens once a year that I don’t even know if it’s even active anymore since I’ve not been able to go in the past 2 years.
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    Snuggle / Cuddle Rooms at Cons?!

    A room for snuggling??? Like...literal snuggles? Where is this and how much?
  10. ZoeyKitten

    What video game are you playing...

    Got Xcom 2 like 4 days ago and already put about 32+ into it. (Strategic, turn based and extremely difficult with a noticable sense of background fear of losing within one turn)
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    Meet Local Furries

    I live in this country: U.S (Connecticut) My age is: 18 My gender is: Trans female [male to female] My sexuality is: Pan My hobbies include: Gaming (A lot and diverse, mostly pc, some xbox, some Wii U, currently broken ps2) Mainly lookin for friends, maybe someone to game with or go to cons.
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    Help meeting people

    *sigh* thanks for the help :)
  13. ZoeyKitten

    Help meeting people

    I live in Connecticut if that helps
  14. ZoeyKitten

    Help meeting people

    That’s.....kinda why I made this.. Telegram doesn’t work for me for some reason, I don’t feel comfortable with Twitter, discord I already tried 80% if not all on there, the last con was 2 months ago and I had collage on that day, the furmeets are completely inactive here.......tldr Ive spent...
  15. ZoeyKitten

    Help meeting people

    so im mainly just posting this to ask where/how I can meet other furries in my area or even in general. Mainly online.