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    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    Runescape & Counter Strike, as well as alot of online game's that is on facebook and more.
  2. zsewq55912

    the fa forum change

    well am use to it now
  3. zsewq55912

    skate boarding

    who here love skate boarding? i know i do, even tho am just saerting to skate and trying to get better by just haveing fun with it, but i was into skate boarding wean i was 5 wean i sew same guy doing awsome kick filp are what every type of trick they do, but i was think does any 1 in the furry...
  4. zsewq55912

    your top 20 websites to go

    your talking about fuzzy roo right?
  5. zsewq55912

    Looking for a comic

    well, what comic is was you see it, like what yr?
  6. zsewq55912

    your top 20 websites to go

    facebook youtube myspace twitter blogger FA all forums thati like google yahoo DA ONrpg newgrounds kongregate funorb wikipedia window live ebay amazon napster screwattack
  7. zsewq55912


    mys well be the AMW aka AMP are the AK-47 are m-4 are m-14
  8. zsewq55912

    pc gameing?

    ya you got it right im say that hey pc gameing i like but old school i like more. btw im not that good like you wean it came to spling like engiles ok. i have that ting were you can rand but the words wean you tip it out are waiet it out its herd to do
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    don't worry i have herd times finding love 2 here man hey at less ever time you say hi you don't get it like me. you: hi are hey me: kick in the balls LOL at me saying tings that hurt you inside
  10. zsewq55912

    the must random ting you do?

    what is the must random ting you do with you your frds are same 1 you love are whatever ok tell abote lol. i forget the lest time i do same ting so random lol.
  11. zsewq55912

    What is your sexual orientation?

    love is love boy to boy/girl to girl/boy to girls its the same im bi btw if you ask why my name is that be cas my furry name is zsewq the 1 you see with the # is just for fun ok guys
  12. zsewq55912

    Ratings systems are fucked up.

    lol tunr so tunr
  13. zsewq55912


    look im just 15 1/2 yrs old ok man the name is rley zsewq not zsewq55912 the # theres are just for fun
  14. zsewq55912

    pc gameing?

    who is in to pc gameing? i i,m but more way way more then a old school video gamer myself i may say so my self. i like what the pc that beside it ben arod like for 40 yrs now so ya you get alot of of games to play to but like 30 are 47% of them is S*** but all of them are good and very...
  15. zsewq55912


    srry guys im not trying to sell it im just say its easy to play if i tip it worgo ok i have that ting were you raned it but wean it cames out its get all mess up in a way yuo know guys?