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    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    BioShock. I bought the bundle of Bio 1 & 2 cause I want to play them - I'm curious as to what the fuss about BioShock Infinite is about. I'm only like 10 minutes in and I'm already being served a huge dish of "What the actual fuck."
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    New to being a furry.

    Excuse you but I already sent him that! >:O but.. I think it's quite clear he didn't read it.
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    Are non-furries better at drawing anthro art than furries?

    I wouldn't say so, 'cause there's slightly more anatomy to learn if you want to draw anthro animals. And there's the obvious digitigrade-feet trap that many new anthro artist (furry or non-furry) can fall into - you know the one I mean, where the animal looks like it would just fall flat on its...
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    New to being a furry.

    Hi and welcome to FAF Enjoy your stay! I suggest you read those three links :P
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    BTW , just saying , There are no lifestyle requirements to be a furry

    Unfortunately I fell victim to the whole stereotype of "all furries are yiffers etc. etc." and I was like "Well anthro animals are really cool and all, but I don't like the porn so I don't really think I'm a furry..." then I stumbled across some drama on dA about furries and I was like "Oh, so...
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    Durrgal P. Hood the Wonder Sergal

    I thought the title said "Durrgal P. Hood and the Wonder Sergal" as though it were the title of some generic children's book from the 1960s that was based on anthropomorphic animals.
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    "Sorry, I was AFK."

    No you don't understand this shit is big man, I need more recognition than America on the 4th of July get fireworks or something. Thanks anyway, I guess
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    "Sorry, I was AFK."

    So IIRC, I was last posting around April/May time - I don't know if we are allowed to post threads about returning after absences so if we aren't sorry :O Anyway yeah, I had to stop using the internet as much as I used to and unfortunately FAF didn't really make the cut of stuff that I use when...
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    What was the last album you listened to?

    Mallory Knox Pilot - EP Post Hardcore/Experimental 2011
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    Issues with Monitor and Procaster

    I was about to point that out, but I wasn't too sure. I mean, I've heard of HDMI to DVI but this?
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    Telling you do draw more is not "Swearing at you"

    Wow, I forgot I left a comment on this thread. Huh. I can't speak for the general "new to FA/art" populace but I took up drawing for MYSELF. I remember going over some old website designs I made last year, and they were really bad. I figured if I could draw, it would make my IT course a...
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    What was the last album you listened to?

    I was first to exposed to Daft Punk back in 2001. In fact, one of my earliest memories is of One More Time playing literally everywhere my 3 year old self went that was equipped with a radio - the car, a shop, school, you name it. I got into Daft Punk a LOT a few years ago when I came across...
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    Men are not boobless women and women are not men + boobs

    Finally, someone talking sense. :V
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    What was the last album you listened to?

    Sleeping With Sirens Dead Walker Texas Ranger Post-Hardcore 2012 You could be thinking of Homework. I get those two mixed up a lot.
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    What was the last album you listened to?

    Sleeping With Sirens If You Were A Movie, This Would Be Your Soundtrack [EP] Rock/Acoustic 2012 Also: Chelsea Grin Chelsea Grin [EP] Death Metal/Hardcore 2008