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    Open Chat

    I had a bit of a look and while it's not as healthy as it seems to be on here there are still a few regulars, they sent an email last year after they revamped the site to try and get people with older accounts to return. I suppose you could call it a bit more 'close knit'.
  2. Zydrate Junkie

    Open Chat

    Wow I wasn't expecting this place to still be so lively, I've been cleaning out my emails and found loads from here and the UKfur forums from like 2012 and I thought I'd go look up all my past self's cringe for a trip down memory lane. I'm not really part of the fandom now but I sort of warms my...
  3. Zydrate Junkie

    Fursuiting Disasters

    I did not need to see that before trying to sleep.
  4. Zydrate Junkie

    Russia moves to enact anti-gay law nationwide

    And to think I thought you were cool Russia. Okay you still kind of are.
  5. Zydrate Junkie

    DMC - Fuck you : The game

    What he says in that video pretty much sums up how I feel about this game.
  6. Zydrate Junkie


    Yes you must, if we get enough people we could have some awesome team battles. Hopefully I should be able to get Starcraft 2 within the next week.
  7. Zydrate Junkie

    what the fuck

    Well... Damn.
  8. Zydrate Junkie

    What game have you recently completed?

    My main feeling was sad, sad that I didn't get a boss battle! I was so psyched up for a boss battle but instead I get some crappy QTE and that's it. The game was good but that left me a little disappointed.
  9. Zydrate Junkie

    Black veil brides

    I can't say I love Bullet, his voice can get on my nerves, but I feel they can get away with it just a bit more.I don't really listen to that much of that teen emo genre, but you can't hate them.
  10. Zydrate Junkie

    Furry podcasts?

    Sounds like a good idea. Can we get a rough estimate on when the first one is going to go up? (On a completely unrelated note, is your name inspired by the Dragon on War of the Monsters?)
  11. Zydrate Junkie


    I might be getting SC2 when the new computer arrives (which is in like, 3 days) so I'll let you know when It's ready. Keep in mind I've never played Starcraft in my life so unless it's similar to how Warcraft and other older strategy games play then you'll probably destroy me. ^^
  12. Zydrate Junkie

    The Shooting Sports

    I love to do more shooting but Britain is hardly the place for it. I've shot a few things at a NRA open day in 2011 which I did okay at with an Enfield (no. 4 I think) making it overall a fun day. Apart from that It's mostly air rifles when I have a spare minute, but they just don't feel quite...
  13. Zydrate Junkie

    Wanted: Mars colonists to explore red planet in 2023

    Well for all you people who say "I don't want to live on this planet anymore" now's your chance!
  14. Zydrate Junkie

    Metal for Beginners?

    Start with some of the classics, and then work your way from there. If you have any friends who are into metal just get them to throw a few songs at you, and put a little bit of a lot of bands on your mp3 player and just shuffle through, deciding which ones you like.
  15. Zydrate Junkie

    Any furry Doomers?

    I've got it but I only play it in brief stints. It's a very good game for shooting everything in a very small amount of time.