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    Free Art: Show me your OCs, looking to draw!

    this is zyther if u wanna draw him.
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    Free Art: Let me draw your character (Closed)

    um well metro is a video game/book series set in post apocalyptic russia. the surface is highly irradiated so everyone wear gas masks when they go up top. thats what that guy from with the gas mask is from. so i guess an apocalyptic aesthetic? sorry bout the confusion.
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    Free Art: Let me draw your character (Closed)

    could u possibley grab me? um also could you give me a metro aesthetic? thank you for the opportunity also gonna follow ya on fa
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    dark expression headshot only requests

    hi um this REALLY peaked my interest if its possible could i have insane b1?
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    Retooled CFC Cards (Requests closed. Dead PC.)

    holy crap theyre beautiful
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    Free Art: Send me cute character refs [STILL OPEN]

    do ADORBS. gonna leave my refs if u want to use zyther you can
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    Retooled CFC Cards (Requests closed. Dead PC.)

    name zyther colors;green or purple flavor text;MEAT TRICYCLE rough pose ;finger gun to my head thanks for this opportunity
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    Ella wants YOU!

    sweet. well im looking forward to the comic
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    Ella wants YOU!

    ok cool so theres magic right cause zythers arm (which is usually cybernetic) in a fantasy setting is either missing or magically enchanted armor
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    Ella wants YOU!

    just submitted mine. just one question this is set in a fantasy world right?
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    Free Art: Richard's little shop (free art)

    i have no ref sheet but i hope these will suffice. a standard vertical. he wears mad max esque leather jacket with torn jeans and old combat boots.
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    Iron Artist Challenge

    could you grab me? also good luck on those 80 thingys. oh and sfw please