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  1. ariamis

    any ideas on how to get a mask, but not a full head for a fursuit?

    i really want to make this costume for a con im going to in a half year and id really like to have a mask instead of a full head so the hood would fit over it. any ideas?
  2. ariamis

    Make your favorite game sound as shit as possible

    oops look like i died again. (dark souls)
  3. ariamis

    Open Chat

  4. ariamis

    Open Chat

    me and my demons are cool now. we both want to see the world burn.
  5. ariamis

    How's the weather??

    it was summer a few days ago, about 80f. then is was spring with two days of rain, then a day of winter with 30f. i love oklahoma's weather.
  6. ariamis

    Open Chat

  7. ariamis

    Me as a gamer.... Do I suck?

    as long as you dont teabag or rage in a mic, you are not a bad gamer.
  8. ariamis

    you too?! YAY

    you too?! YAY
  9. ariamis

    3 free slots open.

    ohohoh me!
  10. ariamis

    How many furries have Autism/ADHD?

    i have adhd, but i learned to control it years ago.
  11. ariamis

    How old are you?

    me niether. i was just making a joke.
  12. ariamis

    How old are you?

    you dont ask a woman her age!
  13. ariamis

    PSA: About "coming out" as a furry

    everything. nothing. something. o-o
  14. ariamis

    Me as a gamer.... Do I suck?

    its basic fps. if you can do that, you dont suck. im running a 5.2 k/d ratio in titanfall rn, so im pretty dang good.
  15. ariamis

    Me as a gamer.... Do I suck?

    if you can move and aim at the same time, you are good enough.
  16. ariamis

    has anyone here heard of blazblue?

    i love this fighting game but none of my friends will play with me anymore because they never win. is there anyone else that plays it?
  17. ariamis

    tank yu ^w^

    tank yu ^w^
  18. ariamis

    Hi all

    o hai der
  19. ariamis

    Open Chat

    nothing like spray paintin in 40mph wind....