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  1. LindyHop

    No references provided

    I did a YCH auction about 10-14 days ago, it was two slots and both were bought. The first buyer aid and provided references however the second only paid and didn't provide a reference.I have tried to contact the buyer several times both through the website and via email, I'm not sure what to do...
  2. LindyHop

    The Broke Fur's Guide to Eating

    I'm really bad with money and currently unemployed which means that the days in which I am on my own I have to come up with affordable and hopefully tasty food options. Chances are most thins will not be very healthy since we live in a society in which healthy is synonymous with expensive but as...
  3. LindyHop

    Driving games vs actual driving

    My partner is taking me out for driving practice so I can finally stop being a pedestrian. He claims that actual driving is a lot like driving games, particularly Mario Kart and set me up to play some GTA. I think it's a bunch of bologna but then again I've never drive a car so I don't know...
  4. LindyHop

    Lindy's Official Art Shop

    I'm Lindy and this is my very own art shop, come on in and have a look around! What I'm willing to draw. •NSFW •Most fetishes (just ask) •Anthro •Kemonomimi •MLP (and clop) What I won't draw. •Feral •Scat •Gore •Vore •Underage* *I will not draw underaged characters aged up either Check out...
  5. LindyHop

    Draw for a draw

    Must be 18+ and okay with nsfw content. Your half doesn't have to necessarily be nsfw but most of my character ref/images are nsfw so you must be comfortable with that. Also I hoping for an equal trade meaning if I do a fully colored image I'm hoping for the same in return. What I'm looking for...
  6. LindyHop

    Cutie mark

    Looking for someone to design a cutie mark for my unicorn oc. I'm terrible at this sort of thing, His name is Villanova and he's a purple unicorn, his occupation is the head researcher or Magical infectious diseases and I would like the cutie mark to reflect that. A high res png of the mark...
  7. LindyHop

    Any Nevada furs?

    I might possibly be heading out that way mid may or so, to Reno specifically. I'm wondering what the price of things are like out west, like a gallon of milk here in Nj is 3.49, a movie ticket in my home town in Ny was $15, how do these things compare there? Also are there any amusement parks...
  8. LindyHop

    $5-10 traditional sketches

    $5 Headshots $10 full body Will do both SFW and NSFW
  9. LindyHop

    What's in a name

    I'm sure this has been a thing in the past but here's a new one. Why did you choose your username? Are you happy with it now, and If not what would you change it to? I chose my username simply because I really like swing dancing and the Lindy Hop is one of the more well known ones. It's a...
  10. LindyHop

    Looking for a male bunny character

    Details in this journal Anyone with a sub/bottom male bunny character... -- LindyHop's Journal -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  11. LindyHop

    Should I give a mouse a cookie?

    For the past few days I've been hearing things in the apartment, rustling, crinkling and the like and I thought it was the upstairs neighbors since I didnt have any evidence otherwise. They're hella loud. Today I found the actual culprit, a tiny brown mouse, (s)he's got one heck of a set of...
  12. LindyHop

    What are the most ridiculous things you've done to procrastinate?

    I traveled recently and somehow simultaneously lost my laptop charger and damaged the charging port on my laptop so now it's essentially unusable. Joy. My partner is letting me use his computer while he's at work which gives me about 6-7 hours of work time 3-4 days a week depending on whether or...
  13. LindyHop

    LindyHop's YCH Thread

    First Post, SFW YCH www.furaffinity.net: [YCH] Pillow Talk by LindyHop
  14. LindyHop

    How do Taurs work internally?

    So it makes sense that the heart, liver and lungs are located in the upright chest portion but what about the rest of the organs? I'm guessing that the stomach would be located in the taur part as well as the large and small intestine and the reproductive organs. But then what fills in the space...
  15. LindyHop

    Hey, What's up

    Hey there, I'm LindyHop, I decided after 11 posts to do a formal introduction. I'm a person who likes to draw, I came to the forums for the Commissions section but decided to try to be active in other parts of the forum as well because It'd be nice to be social and active in a community. I...
  16. LindyHop

    Backgrounds...Where to start

    Beyond "just start practicing" is there any advice out there on how to get started drawing better backgrounds? At the moment I don't draw any, in the past I used to draw simplified background, things like simple living room or bedroom scenes. However, as my figure drawing and coloring improved...