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  1. ariamis

    any ideas on how to get a mask, but not a full head for a fursuit?

    i really want to make this costume for a con im going to in a half year and id really like to have a mask instead of a full head so the hood would fit over it. any ideas?
  2. ariamis

    has anyone here heard of blazblue?

    i love this fighting game but none of my friends will play with me anymore because they never win. is there anyone else that plays it?
  3. ariamis

    does anyone know where to find/make floof like an eevees mane?

    im trying to create a costume that has longer fur for a mane but cant find anything local.
  4. ariamis

    any others on xbox?

    id really like to play titanfall or something with others
  5. ariamis

    Whats your favorite art program?

    i have four or five different programs used for art and was curious what others liked.
  6. ariamis

    am i the only one here who would prefer clothing on their sona?

    as a fantasy costume designer on the side, i cant help but draw everything with clothing. and it just looks weird without it. am i the only one like this?
  7. ariamis

    anyone know if oklacon is ever coming back?

    i joined the fandom about a week ago and search up cons in my state only to find the only one canceled until further notice. anyone got any idea if its ever coming back?
  8. ariamis

    contemplating my first sona.

    i am new to the community and am having a hard time deciding what i want my sona o be. i am thinking african wild dog or other canine. any thoughts or suggestions?