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  1. Kinare

    Games that was promised but not delivered... yet

    The list could go on and on for early access titles in the survival genre... A game I love but wish would finish development is 7 Days to Die. It's been playable for a very long time now, they are still consistent with updates, and each new major version brings changes to the game which ends up...
  2. Kinare

    Post the last thing you laughed at online

    Gotta watch it on the actual post to see it properly, weirdo cropping here.
  3. Kinare

    An ace furry trying to find my place in this world (or something like that)

    While I don't consider myself ace, demi is on the spectrum supposedly, and I honestly feel like I don't need sex at all, like it's just an added bonus that I'm willing to do with the right person. So, I fully understand your looking at this highly sexualized fandom and feeling like you don't...
  4. Kinare

    Fursonas as characters vs personal avatars

    A mix. Toger is a better version of me - an ideal I wish I could reach. Mostly talking personality here, but I wouldn't mind being a powerful angry looking catto either I suppose, hehe.
  5. Kinare

    How do you approach scale with your characters?

    Semi-realistic best describes my characters. I base proportions off of my ideas of what fits for my world, but the average being is not entirely different from human-like proportions. My sona's species is a solid foot taller than humans on average, built just like a human otherwise, while other...
  6. Kinare

    Your sonas' skin patterns?

    "Based from existing" because tiger stripes are obviously not that unique. x3 Different because blue and glowy with the ability to change to different shades of blue.
  7. Kinare

    What is the best feeling game?

    One game that stands out as a "feels" game for me is The Cat Lady. It's quite dark, so I wouldn't say it made me feel good, but it definitely made me feel. I have no experience with happy feeling games, the only other games I could mention that did make me happy all did so for reasons OP said...
  8. Kinare

    Personal finances: The thread

    I was raised not allowed to have anything I wanted. My brothers and I rarely got an allowance, instead my brother would "work for an item he wanted" - which generally meant helping my dad for an hour or so and then dad would go buy him what he wanted, expense didn't matter much. The same offer...
  9. Kinare

    is anyone else getting scam texts saying your 'order' has a problem

    There was a brief period where I got some funny looking texts, and every once in a great while I'll get another. I have to wonder if someone put in a fake phone number and it happened to be mine when this happens because I don't give out my number anywhere unless for very official things where I...
  10. Kinare

    Candy You Love

    Caaaaandy? Yes please. Sour. In my youth, this was my go to. Warheads, Lemonheads, sour gummies - any and all of it. If it advertised as sour or tangy, I tried it at least once. I still enjoy sour, but not so much with the extremes, I prefer a combo of sour and sweet. This still includes...
  11. Kinare

    Favorite Species

    Big cats. Rawr.
  12. Kinare

    a "furry" world

    Meat-replacement technology does not exist in my world because it's fantasy based, not science, so I had to think of how food species could still exist and essentially it boils down to "some of you are blessed, some of you are not". A major reason I chose not to use Earth as the world for my...
  13. Kinare

    Characters in video games you love

    Two that stick out in my mind immediately are Terra and Gau from Final Fantasy 6. - Terra I resonate a lot with. Forced to be what she wasn't, heccin sad backstory, then finding her true self thanks to help of her friends. Having a few things in common with her, I felt a special bond. - Gau...
  14. Kinare

    What would you most want to see in a game that has a heavy amount of furry content?

    I'm gonna be that one furry who says "I'm tired of lewd in everything furry, gimme something fun that has zero lewd". :v Your game sounds really interesting because I greatly enjoy sim and survival mechanics and I've not played something like this ever, but for someone like me it's an immediate...
  15. Kinare

    What's your favorite little detail in a video game?

    Recently a little detail I was like "wow, I love this" was in Cyberpunk 2077. There's guitar street performers, and if you sit and watch them they actually strum along acurrately with the music. Some are all by themselves, some have people around them who vibe to the music too. It seems like a...
  16. Kinare

    Monster Hunter based fursonas?

    Silver Rathalos inspired a design for a character of my story. Have always liked the silver boi, and I was gawking at him one day talking about MonHun with another friend, then an idea hit me: I need a white dragon or wyvern in my story. Also black. Because my story is all about dat balance, a...
  17. Kinare

    Things in Video Games you Hate

    - Too many side quests. It overwhelms me because I feel like I gotta complete the whole game, but what ends up happening is I quit like halfway through. Y'all dunno how many attempts it took me to beat Skyrim because of that shit. I had to purposely force myself not to do any side quests to get...
  18. Kinare

    What's the worst thing that happened to you 'sona?

    Whole clan gets wiped out 'cept her. It sad.
  19. Kinare

    Survey - Orientation and Species

    This is hard for me as I'm still struggling to figure it all out, so I can't fully answer the survey. I'll just add my thoughts about it here and you can attempt to translate it into labels if you so please. 'Sona responses: - Large cat hybrid, so that one is easy. - Cis female I guess. I refer...