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  1. Anthrasmagoria

    (Commission) Selling: Custom totems and fursona totems - from £65

    Hi! I'm currently offering custom totem sculpts in a style like this one, which I make by hand without any kinds of molds. These are approx. 12cm tall. Pictured here is a basic Anubis totem with canopic jar and ankh. I often use mixed media including polymer clay, brass, and glass eyes, among...
  2. Anthrasmagoria

    Anthrasmagoria's art

    Hope I can create a thread for posting some of my digital works. :) This one is for a new webcomic I am doing which is about to come out. The first chapter will be out soon on Tapastic, once university is over with for this summer.
  3. Anthrasmagoria

    Checking In :)

    Greetings to everyone. I'm fairly new to the FA.net site and forums, still figuring out how everything works.