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  1. Bullslayer

    Any northern Idaho furs?

    Just curious if im realy the only one.... I havent seen any art conventions or any of that where i live.
  2. Bullslayer

    Any north Idaho Furs?

    I live in north idaho, was curious how many others where in that area.
  3. Bullslayer

    Main Character for my game project

    She's still a WIP as i am still very new at this, this game was originally an idea i had come up with for a homework assignment back in 2009 for college, i've been slowly piecing it together and flushing it out into something all gamers would enjoy.
  4. Bullslayer


    I guess its about time i probably made my way on here. Truth be told i've been a furry in hiding for a few years. I've known about the fandom but kept my distance on account of all the negitivity the early 2000s kicked up. Year or so ago i met a few other furries in a discord community for a...