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  1. katsumifur

    Art Colorations!

    Imma be blunt, the place im living at is kicking me out if I dont pay rent and quite frankly, I have no monies ;_; so I need some money so! ART COLORATIONS! any piece of artwork, any content and material, recolored with photoshop any way you want it for only 2.50$ an hour! Check out my FA page...
  2. katsumifur


    anyone play DDO on the server Orien around 12pm to 12am EST?
  3. katsumifur


    So im loading up my version of starcraft with hamachi... anyone wanna play? and dont worry if you dont have it or hamachi, i can cover you if you want to. Just message me at katsumifur@live.com and well chat for a bit get something organized.
  4. katsumifur


    So ive been watching this new anime called Angel Beats! its pretty fucking sweet but ive already blown through the three episodes there is -.- Anyone wanna reccomend an anime? Im looking for something similiar to baka to test sanjoukuu or Baccano! where you just gradually fall in love with all...
  5. katsumifur

    Herro peoplez

    Im bored and looking for friends, anyone wanna talk about anything? also if anyone wants to chat privatley with me i have msn. Im just bored so I figured Id start a convo thread.
  6. katsumifur


    Hi im new, my name is katsumi shibata and I was born in osaka japan :3 but to be fair I was raised in california since I was two so im pretty much american. Im 26 years old and a couple of screws loose but everything still seems to be working. I hope to meet and become friends with alot of you...
  7. katsumifur


    My name is boxxy! Jk jk Hello furaffinity! my name is katsumi shibata, or katsu for short. I am japanese (obviously) but i was raised in america so i pretty much consider myself american. im 5'9 and 82 lbs (i know im underweight blah blah) i love meeting new people and talking, as well as...
  8. katsumifur


    Hey im looking for someone who speaks japanese as their first language, preferably someone who lives in a timezone not too different from mine. I live in eastern america. I want to learn japanese but dont have anyone to speak to, thus it is very hard for me to practice and learn... All im really...
  9. katsumifur

    Hello Art Thread, I have a request!

    Hello aritsts :3, I was wondering if someone was willing to sketch or draw me a fursona with a signature and possibly an emoticon set. I know this is asking alot and im not entirely shure what i want but i would probablyl have 1 nude/ 1 clothed and have it be like anime/cute anthro female wolf...