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  1. perkele

    What is the "generic furry art style?"

    Usually, I can tell when a picture is made by a furry. But I don't know how. So, I'm outsourcing the matter to you. What makes a picture say to you: "a furry must have drawn this animal, because it has some inimitable quality only furry art can have." For example, this image of the Legoshi...
  2. perkele

    Knowing your partner's real name

    I've been told that many furries don't know the real name of their furry partner. Is this common? I'm interested to know what you think.
  3. perkele

    What did you do it all for?

    Think back on the journeys that brought you here; think back on the battles you've fought.
  4. perkele

    Allergic to wi-fi? How does it affect you?

    I just found out this was a thing, and that I have it. Shock and horror. EHS (electronics hyper sensitivity) is a condition where you get headaches and stomach nausea when you're near a wireless connection; for me it feels kind of like having a little bit of coffee and sleeping pills at the...
  5. perkele

    What do straight people even do

    I don't understand straight people, what do they do? Drink beer and watch football and talk about their kids? Share your straight people stories with me in this thread.
  6. perkele

    Howlo, everyfur! The friendship thread! *wavies*

    Hiyeeee! =^^= Izza mew forum here, I thought it'd be nice to lend a paw and say heyas to all th' newfurs and graymuzzles here. *nods sagely and folds his arms* :3 If you're mew here, squawk at us a little about yahself and leddus get to know somethin' about yas! Jus' pick ah thing and tellit...
  7. perkele

    Why are you gay

    I've always wondered why people are gay. If you're gay, please let me know in this thread why you are. Thanks.
  8. perkele

    Has anyone here ever eaten edamame?

    I just made some, it is super good! They're these little beans in shells, and you bite down on the shells and the beans pop right into your mouth. :3
  9. perkele

    Manimal cliches that piss you off

    In this thread, we post the characteristics of manimals that you find trite, overplayed, or otherwise odious. I will start: : Wings : Japan : Swords : Magic : Spirit elements : Guns : Glowing : Multiple tails : Raver gear : Swimsuit model body : Weird gender : Always pictured with the same...
  10. perkele

    There is a lack of quality threads to post in

    The new FAF is like a desert of discourse. I wanted to open this thread to encourage future posting by members new and old, an opportunity to bring us all together in one place. I hope that this thread can serve as a launching point for us to move forward into this "brave new world!"