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  1. 1992Bronco

    Art of this boy

    Looking for art of my newest character Tyler Icons, full bodies, anything! I have a budget around $150 (I'd prefer to buy multiple pieces than spend it on a single piece) Character: About Tyler: They're an agender border collie who's obsessed with space. They tend to be grumpy and have a...
  2. 1992Bronco

    Full Bodies

    Anthro only Name your price, most people have been saying $5 so idk Total time takes about 3/4+ hours, but my schedule is everywhere so turn around time may be a few days I'll do like 4-5 slots maybe less Can do any species but dragons Yours will be cleaner Can add shading upon request
  3. 1992Bronco

    Quick trade

    Looking to do an art trade or two :0 I really need to practice anthros Canines only please Will accept any kind of art in return Not fcfs, I'm a bit iffy with some characters since there are certain things I need to practice Will look something like this:
  4. 1992Bronco

    Human Art

    I'm currently looking for some human artists Nothing NSFW please I'm searching for maybe some avatars, full bodies, shaded pieces, and things like that I don't have a set price range for now- maybe around $30 per piece
  5. 1992Bronco

    Marker Art

    I want to mess around with my markers since I haven't in a while Free art of anything, no restrictions
  6. 1992Bronco

    $5 adoptables!

    BRONCO'S DESIGNS All designs listed below are (c) Bronco (Me) If you have any questions about a design or customs, please don't hesitate to pm me! PRICES: [*]Feral Only: $5 [*]Anthro Only: $5 [*]Feral and Anthro: $8.50 [*]Custom Designs: Negotiable WHO DO I SEND TO? The e-mail address...
  7. 1992Bronco

    Humans ($5- $35)

    Looking for human art My budget is around $35 and under I'd like a couple piece, but singles are okay, too Both characters are female but with different body types
  8. 1992Bronco

    $8 Characters!

    I have permission to everything listed, including their art My girlfriend and I are getting a puppy and we want to get her a few toys! Both are $8 Knox: (c) Collide Comes with a headshot and pose both (c)Collide permission granted for everything Meph: art (c) juicebox received from Deku...
  9. 1992Bronco

    Looking for art ($80 limit)

    Looking for art! Mostly anthro male, possibly an anthro female or a few feral Must be able to draw canines! I have an 80$ budget to work with so far (May bump it to 100$ but it's a small chance) I'd like art from multiple artists Looking for chibis, flat colors, or anything really. Post...
  10. 1992Bronco


    Hey guys, I'm Bronco. Not really sure what to put here, so let's just start with the basics. My name's Matt, I'm 17 and from New England. I'm non-binary (they/them or he/him). You could probably tell from my user that I like cars, haha. I draw in my free time if I'm not at work. Speaking of...