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  1. A5an1

    Hiring: ($150+) Looking for something special

    Hello, seems I’m here once again with a quest of sorts. I’ve been unable to find or purchase art this year, despite the importance is has to me. I hope that I will find someone with the talent and style I need to satisfy this project, though there is no guarantee, to be clear. In short, I am...
  2. A5an1

    Hiring: High End Adopt Or Custom Needed, $500+ Budget

    It has become abundantly clear to me that my odds of getting a slot from the artist I envisioned for this project is slim to none. Therefore I turn to putting into this ad in hopes of finding something to fit the role as I am tired of waiting, and the failures have impacted my desire to get...
  3. A5an1

    Hiring: High End Custom/Adopt Needed $500+

    Well, I honestly thought I finally had this project resolved. After my last posting I found out my preferred artist was opening in a short period, and ended my search because I wanted the project done by them. Turns out you don’t always get what you want, and here I am. As stated in the title...
  4. A5an1

    Hiring: ISO High End Adopt (Preferably Canine or Feline) Budget $100-$400

    Hello, due to a number of tumultuous events I am looking for something special to fix things. It is for this reason I am in search of a very high end adopt. Priority is given to artists or designers of note (Zaush, Meesh, Smooshkin, Fuckie, etc) and a more natural color palette is favorable...
  5. A5an1

    Anthro NSFW

    In need of a pick-me-up, so I've decided to commission a piece. I'm looking for a high quality anthro artist who will do a full color, NSFW, full-body piece with some bondage for one character. I am not in a hurry to have it done (though I would prefer within a couple months), and quality is...
  6. A5an1

    Birthday Commission for a friend

    Hello, a friend of mine has a birthday coming up in roughly six weeks, and I have decided to get him a commission for a long standing RP of ours. Until recently I was planning on using an artist I have always liked, but the individual in question has increased their prices dramatically. To...