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  1. DecentBadger

    Shark Girl Adoptables $20!

    Selling these 4 shark gals which are currently all available and open to anyone who wants them. Once someone claims one (as well as specify which number), I will remove the watermark and replace it with a big beautiful "ADOPTED!!" sticker. If you ask to claim one and I approve it, just send me...
  2. DecentBadger

    Any good furry webcomic recommends?

    I wanted to get back into reading webcomics because otherwise all I ever do is draw or play games. Anyone know a good read? Very interested in ones with action/sci-fi/fantasy elements.
  3. DecentBadger

    Longtime Furry, First Time Poster

    Hi, so I currently go by "Beri" (though "Badger" is fine too), and I basically came here to make new friends and to somewhat of an extent, promote my artwork on here and elsewhere. I hope I stay here for a long time!