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  1. Harbinger


  2. Harbinger

    So whose fictitiously banged the most furries?

    There's about 12 bang pardners on my gallery, plus several delirious and shameful sessions on f-list, come at me fellow porn literal dogs.
  3. Harbinger

    Stories: The Hidden Path

    So i swear it must be like christmas for us furries with all these anthro franchises showing up. Just saw this on IGN which looks pretty cool, and it stars a fox so FA is probably already pages deep in rule 34 already :v https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTNIDaE0VEg
  4. Harbinger

    Ultimate Chicken Horse on kickstarter

    Anyone heard of this? It seems like it could be a helluva laugh, i backed it ^_^ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LwEaHYqRYs https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/292879712/ultimate-chicken-horse?ref=hero_thanks
  5. Harbinger

    If you were getting NSFW art...

    ...and the owner of the fursona you were fictitiously going to bang was of the opposite gender to their sona would it bother you? Just wondering, had this happen to me recently and just didnt expect it, i know obviously it means diddly squat irl, i guess not spotting that just made me realize...
  6. Harbinger


    Anyone else got this? My first early access game and its fun as fuck, basically you can make whatever kind of siege engine you want to blow up whichever target, its hella fun. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUnjxftU6r0
  7. Harbinger

    Hamm, terraristika, largest exotics pet show in the world next month

    Whose going to Germany next month for this then?
  8. Harbinger

    Reptile keepers of FAF

    So i know there's a couple of ya lurking around here, what do ya keep, got any pics? My parents finally eased up on letting me keep reptiles recently so i've started off with 2 young crested gecko's and a gorgeous anery boa :3 And im hoping to go the the exhibition in Hamm this march which is...
  9. Harbinger

    Got my first snake :3

    Teeny baby boa constrictor, she's a fancy anery het kahl albino morph, named her Korra :3
  10. Harbinger

    PS4 Plus gamers

    Figured it was bout time there was a thread for the current gen consoles, i mean i know online subscriptions carry over but it helps to know which consoles people are playing. PSN's DIRE_WOLF_117, been playing Destiny, but also have Killzone and Last of Us: RE.
  11. Harbinger

    Xbox One live gamers

    Figured it was bout time there was a thread for the current gen consoles, i mean i know online subscriptions carry over but it helps to know which consoles people are playing. Gamertags DIRE W0LF GH0ST (those are zero's), usually on Titanfall, COD:AW, or anything Halo at the minute.
  12. Harbinger

    Anyone here ever done falconry?

    So i had a falconry experience the other day and fucking loved every aspect of it. I've always liked birds of prey but they've always been outta reach, to see them up close like that and feed and fly them was incredible. Every been reading up on it every chance i get, hope to one day become a...
  13. Harbinger

    How do you go about using characters for NSFW art?

    So mid december im due my first every NSFW commission of my character with another, i dont have another character so had to be with someone elses. Checked any relevant journals for artists that had interesting characters about usage and saw people just ask and get an answer, so politely asked...
  14. Harbinger

    UK Memorabilia show, 22-23rd of Nov, whose going?

    Anyone? http://www.mcmcomiccon.com/ebooks/birminghamnov2014/ I might be going, would be fun to meet people i've known for yonks if anyones planning on going. Its basically our version of comicon, i think.
  15. Harbinger


    Luna out kitten pulled down an extremely heavy piece of ktichen side board and crushed her head, she seems consious but her eye dont look right, her tongues haging out and theres blood everywhere, she's also let go of herself and had diarea, my parents have taken her to the vets now, leaving...
  16. Harbinger

    Shitty connection

    So i thought our service provider was just really shitty, but my dads just got himself a laptop and its working fine. Mine on the other hand is infuriatingly pathetic. Certain sites just wont load for me anymore such as the FA mainsite, Deviantart, Weasyl, netflix, tumblr, and funnyjunk. Not a...
  17. Harbinger

    Real life sidequests

    So i've checked at a virtual notice board to see someone requesting 5 leapord slugs, contacted them, accepted the bounty, and now im about to trek off to the woods for a fetch quest. Anyone else has any decent "O shit im in an RPG" moments?
  18. Harbinger

    Minecraft 1.8

    Anyone been playing since the new update? Know of any decent servers to play it on? So far i havent seen anything new, i cant make it out of the forest is spawned in a new world in because minecraft now runs at like a frame per second for me now -_-
  19. Harbinger

    So who wants to play Gmod?

    I completely forgot i had it and know shit all about how to play, anyone fancy playing with a nooby right now? Steam ID's Corpser_UK
  20. Harbinger

    Avengers 2: Age of Ultron

    THERE ARE NO STRINGS ON ME... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1OKBqHICMQ Holy fekkin shit this Ultron is bad ass and dat hulk buster tho... Really excited for this, loved the first one ^_^