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  1. Dearg

    A new furry game is out on the market

    It reminds me a lot of The Secret of Nimh . But be fair warned, it's an early access game.
  2. Dearg

    Kangaroo Fursuits.

    I was wondering if there are any tutorials on how to make Kangaroo fursuits? Because i want to make one someday.
  3. Dearg

    Setting rules for yourself when attending cons?

    When I go to cons of any kind , i set certain rules for myself before I even step out on the floor. I was wondering do any of you have rules that you set for yourself to make sure you have a good con experience? During my first fur con. My main one was no drinking alcohol.
  4. Dearg

    I need help making the ears

    Today I tried constructing some ears for my first fursuit head, I tried this technique:. I completely messed and now I have to start over. Are there any other ways to make the ears? If anyone can find something that's a little bit easier for me to understand. That would be most helpful.
  5. Dearg

    Beast Hunting (RP)

    (magic and weapons are allowed) (My characters: Dearg, Giresse, and the newest addition to my roster Sera Skinhunter) It's 7 pm, Dearg is sitting in his lab working on something. The phone rings...... Dearg: Hello? Sera: Dearg? hey it's me, your step sister, Sera? Dearg: Ah yes, how are...
  6. Dearg

    Fursuit head build blog

    It's been a while since I've posted anything related to my fox fursuit head. Not much progress was made but progress none the less. RL getting in the way >_<. I need some critique, tell me what you guys think. ( I have no idea what I'm doing :p) ( I replaced the muzzle with...
  7. Dearg

    How much?

    What is average yardage total for a full body suit? I know it's different for each person, but can I get a general idea of how much is needed for a 5'6 male?
  8. Dearg

    Any furs from Portland Oregon in here

    I feel like I'm the only Portlander in here. Not a lot of the furries I meet outside of the internet are into FA.
  9. Dearg

    I updated my character art (WIP)

    I haven't been drawing for very long, but i feel like I'm getting a bit better at it. I know foxes are a lot of peoples choice when it comes to creating a character, but I just can't help it, foxes are sexy bitches x3. Jokes aside, I would like some critique on this piece. Lay it on me i don't...
  10. Dearg

    I was wondering something?

    Once in a while I like to play a game called Guild Wars 2, and my main character that I play is a Revanent female Charr. I was wondering if I could have that as a fursona as well. I already have 2, but can game characters be fursona's? And can I have fursona's that are the opposite gender of me?
  11. Dearg

    A video to consider watching

    I really like this guy, he may be a bit weird to some, but he has some really interesting opinions on drawing.
  12. Dearg

    Squarepusher wants to colaberate with you!

    Squarepusher released a single on his YouTube channel this week and, he is also releasing the stems and midi files on his main website. I know this sounds like an advertisement, but it's so cool that more artist are willing to do this. :) If you have never heard of him, check his stuff out...
  13. Dearg

    The New Intern

    (Before we begin, this is my first time doing the whole RP thing,but I'm willing to try it at least once, I wanna try a furry role play based on my characters world, in a mischievous cartoony scenario, and I'm a bit nervous, so here we go) ( Your also allowed too make revisions to this original...
  14. Dearg

    Dealing with self doubt.

    For a little bit I've been having problems with writing electronic music. I start a project then I lose steam about half way through and I can't seem to bring myself to finish it. I always have this feeling that it's not good enough. So I'm wondering how do you overcome self doubt? Do I force...
  15. Dearg

    Should I hold off?

    Been working on my first suit and I'm wondering. Should I hold off buying the fur until I absolutely need it? Because right now I'm in the process of foaming the head still, and I'm going to start on the digitgrade legs sometime this coming July. How many yards should I get when I do need it...
  16. Dearg

    Needs some critque on my new fursona.

    This is my first time drawing anthro. It's supposed to be a fancy breed mouse. Tell me what your think.
  17. Dearg


    I'm surprised a little bit that not many people are talking about this game here on the forums. I would understand, this kind of genre is an acquired taste. But the art and the music is fucking fantastic. For those who have never heard or seen this game before here is the steam store page...
  18. Dearg

    Having trouble with drawing hands, any tips?

    I'm having a mental block at the moment, I can draw somewhat decently but, when it comes to hands I can't seem to grasp it very well. Here is what I'm trying to do.
  19. Dearg

    Fursuit Head update #1

    Foam base is put together, just need to round things a little more and I should be golden. I managed to get a moving jaw as well, not very mobile at the moment, will find a way to fix it.
  20. Dearg

    What is your Favorite 90's dance track?

    As the title implies, what's your favorite 90's electronic dance track? I'll go first :