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  1. Scorpen

    Shower thoughts

    Does a "real" furry actually shower?!
  2. Scorpen

    What does the person above you smell like?

    Like a new car.
  3. Scorpen

    What does the person above you smell like?

    Freshly laundered sheets.
  4. Scorpen

    I'm still around, occasionally!

    I'm still around, occasionally!
  5. Scorpen

    Roast the fur above you.

    What are you? A human or a dragon? I can't tell.
  6. Scorpen


  7. Scorpen

    Roast the fur above you.

    Roast? Why would I roast you when I can deep fry you instead!
  8. Scorpen

    How old is the computer you are using?

    I bought my current HP laptop in the middle of 2014 because my PowerBook G3 was finally to the point where I couldn't really eek any more useful day to day life out of it. Still have it though, and still dig it out once in awhile. I'll probably be using my current one until I can't anymore...
  9. Scorpen

    What was the last thing you ate?

  10. Scorpen

    I hate it when......

    I hate it when even after replacing the blasted 72 pin connector, you still have to spend 22 minutes trying to get the damn NES to stop giving you a blinking grey screen and actually start the game.
  11. Scorpen

    What grosses you out?

    People hawking loogies... I literately just wanna die when I see/hear people doing that... UGH...
  12. Scorpen

    How do you beat the summer heat with no air conditioner?

    Wood bead seat covers! Those things are a godsend in the summer in a car without AC... I once drove across the Nevada desert in the middle of the summer in a 1975 AMC Pacer... I've never experienced anything more miserable heat wise in the my life. It was karma paying me back for all the bugs...
  13. Scorpen

    State Your Sign

    European: Scorpio Chinese: Sheep Both match my personality pretty closely...
  14. Scorpen

    New Icon! By http://www.furaffinity.net/user/gominoneko/

    New Icon! By http://www.furaffinity.net/user/gominoneko/
  15. Scorpen

    I hate it when......

    I hate it when roommates cause unnecessary drama in their lives then come home complaining and expect you to help them fix it.
  16. Scorpen

    Which webbrowser(s) do you use for the internet?

    Correction: It could only be the best if you were rocking System 7! :D
  17. Scorpen

    Who should run to be President of the USA?

    We need the epitome of a badass... Master Splinter!
  18. Scorpen

    WTF Customers

  19. Scorpen

    WTF Customers

    Here's a few more! Once had a fat kid get stuck in the playland slide... You don't know how difficult it is to try to keep a straight face while this hysterical, screaming parent is right in your face shouting "MY KID IS STUCK IN YOUR SLIDE" Some guy once brought in a pile of sticks and tried...