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    Hey, you! Internet-shopping people! Help me.

    So I preordered an item on Amazon, that's supposed to come out Dec 16. However, I just checked my email, and Amazon has sent me a notice saying that the item has been shipped. The status of the item in my actual account still says "pre-ordered" and the expected delivery says "Dec 16 - 31"...
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    We already have hates, likes, and unpopular opinions, so share with us your current, past, or ongoing paranoias, fears, and worries. Doesn't have to be super serious, but doesn't have to be super light, either. For instance, I'm always worried that there is soap in my glass / bowl when I pour...
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    Good, free alternatives to Photobucket.

    Does anyone know of any? Their new system is super clunky and super annoying, but I was just kind of dealing with it. However, my last straw is that most of their images don't even load for me, any more. And they removed the ability to upload images larger than 1024x768, which makes the site...
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    La-Mulana Remake

    0xJZE80MfDw It came out a few weeks ago, so I figured I'd make a thread. La Mulana Remake was originally supposed to come out for Wiiware (and I think it did, in Japan), but issues with the decline of Wiiware left the english release to become a PC game. They have it for $15 here...
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    Skullcandy help

    So I got these because they were the only thing within my budget, and with decent reviews, at Radio Shack. Problem is, they have a very weird echo-ey sound that I'm not used to, even in shitty Dollar Store headphones. I'm trying to mess around with Windows' audio settings, as well as the...
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    My nerd side just came GALLONS.

    http://www.explodingrabbit.com/games/super-mario-bros-crossover Holy. Shit. The Contra guy, AND Samus, AND the Blaster Master tank? And they all come with pretty accurate controls, for each of the characters' specific movesets? Fuck Smash Bros and Mugen. This is the type of shit I always...
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    Sooo... The PSN hacking, anyone?

    Go fig, a few days after my fiance bought a PS3, the network has been down for going on two weeks. I've changed both my gmail and bank passwords, just as a precautionary measure, though I've never shared any credit card information with Sony. (We just buy points cards from stores, instead.)...
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    RMFC questions

    I'm thinking about going to Rocky Mountain Fur Con this year since I actually have money, and I'm curious about conventions. Anything important I should know? Is it worth the cost of entry? What kind of shit do they have there? Etc... Pretty much anything you could tell me. Thanks.
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    Sparkledogs with emo cutter scars?

    I think I might have just discovered the solution. I mean, think about it. LAWNMOWERS: The antithumbfag's razor blade.
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    "LGBT" strikes me as an odd grouping.

    Lesbians, gays, and bisexuals I can understand being there, but why trans? I didn't think transsexual was so much a sexual preference, as just what you want to be. And that the sexual preference that specifically included trans, is pansexual, which starts with a "P." So, following that logic...
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    Computer stuttering and freezing?

    I've been having this problem a lot, just lately. I can't even play games or watch simple Youtube videos (for the most part) because of it. The only new things I run are Trillian and Magicjack, and it still does this when I end their processes. Nothing else has changed (to my knowledge). Every...
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    Question: How light for blue hair?

    Is this light enough to be putting blue in my hair? http://www.growbeautifulhair.com/files/2007289/uploaded/Image_5.gif Keep in mind I've bleached it like 3 times in the past two months, and the hair dye in question is Manic Panic. I want to put a strip in my hair that fades from dark blue...
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    Scriptblock for Chrome?

    Does it exist? If it does, can you please post me a link to the extension?
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    NES Left4Dead

    Funniest thing I've seen in a while. sTTAvw0-Bms If you want to download it / more info, here's the site: http://sites.google.com/site/ericdavidruth/game-left4dead
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    Oh hay, it's Vae.

    Name: Vaelarsa Age: 22 Sex: female Species: cat-bat hybrid Height: moderate Weight: thin with curves Appearance: - Hair and fur: [see picture below] - Markings: [see picture below] - Eye color: [see picture below] - Other features: [see picture below] Behavior and Personality: harsh, blunt...
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    Question: nose ring

    And before I say anything else, don't tell me "Piercings are ugly" or "Take it out" or things of that nature. Well, you can if you want to waste your time. But I like it, and you're not going to change my opinion on it. Okay, so, I got mine done about a week and a half ago, and it's still...
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    Wtf is a "Crux" anyway?

    I can't find any real info on Wikifur or Google, so I'm asking you, fellow furfags. Wtf are Cruxes? Are they a mix of some kind? Some fan-species made from scratch and Beetlejuice influence? What? I'm curious, and I thought about drawing V as one out of boredom, but I can't find shit on them.
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    Metroid Prime 3 - Worth getting after P1 and 2?

    How does Prime 3, in your personal opinion, compare with Primes 1 and 2? Is it just "same old, same shit" as say... Prime 1, other than the "oooh ahhh" Wii control scheme, or is there more to it, like how P2 had that extra "parallel dimensions" feature and the screw attack and a little extra...
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    "Wtf" images

    Fucking rofl. (possible NSFW) http://failblog.files.wordpress.com/2009/09/epic-fail-kids-bracelet-fail.jpg Spoiler for people who don't know wtf is wrong with that picture: It's a sex toy. More here: http://failblog.org/
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    Matt Groening was (is?) a furry?

    inb4 "DRAWING FURRIES DOESN'T MAKE YOU A FURRY!" It's a joke, you furfag-elitist morons. Anyway, yeah... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Life_in_Hell So I never knew about this shit. Anyone of you know about it before this? Anyone of you read any of it? If you have, is it good? And what do you...