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  1. Augmented Husky

    Husky Upload complete: run warm open intro ^_^

    Aye guys and gals, I'm Husky. Its been a good 2 years since being here so its refreshing to be back. Really I've been a part of this fan base since about 5 years ago with chatting to lovely faces like yourself happening in this recent year. The hope is I'll find other like minded writers...
  2. Augmented Husky

    Looking for a role play partner

    I've missed the fun of it all so I supposed here is as good as any place to start looking ^_^ Honestly fantasy elements are cool but a more casual setting to is nice to (SFW the whole time of course). Also someone who's open and willing to create a weaving story would be wonderful
  3. Augmented Husky

    Its good to see you all again ^_^

    Ahhhh its great to be here again guys ^_^ Gosh......I think its been nearly a good year or two since I've been here for much Anywhose who am I well -cough- lets get started...My passions include poetry, photography, running, mild sketching, music addict, avid philosopher, huge tech buff, and...
  4. Augmented Husky

    What makes your profile photo special to you ?

    Basicly as the title suggests post why you have set the avatar you have at the moment for the forum. Could be a simple symbolism, a funny entertainment scene explanation, why your fursonas expression is in that mood or what ever the case may be. Please be polite and reasonable with the...
  5. Augmented Husky

    Is a Smartwatch really benificial in day to day use ?

    Alright so now that I can afford the Asus Zenwatch I would really like the ask the furry geeks far and wide out there on what there experience on smartwatches has been. To me more specifically I'm asking if it's really worth investing the money to get this new wave of wearable aside from being a...
  6. Augmented Husky

    Hello all ! So glad I found this intersting fandom ^_^

    Good evening everyone my name is William but you can just call me will. I'm a avid poet, runner, tea lover, technical support geek and overall consider myself a Renaissance Man:-D As of today I'm glad to call myself a furry officially ^_^ Well technically that started when I became fascinated...