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  1. ThyBlackReaper

    Request: Human Male Viking OC Request

    Hi guys so I am trying to save up for a car and I cant really spend money on art. I am looking for an artist that wants to help out and maybe they are bored or want to train their skills. I started playing the new fire emblem three houses and there was a character on there with rad hair and a...
  2. ThyBlackReaper

    Request: Would Anyone Like To Draw My Werewolf?

    Hi guys so I am saving up for a car so I cant spent any money on art anymore. Anyway I have a new Character A silver,white werewolf he is pretty simple he also has a human form if you would want to try draw that you can! I don't mind any style, chibi, sketchy whichever. I will still be very...
  3. ThyBlackReaper

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Character Purge ! OPEN - $5-$130

    Purging adopts , OLD FURSONAS AND Characters, All HQ Designs LARGE OC/DEISGNS/ADOPTS SALE. GIVE ME YOUR OFFERS! NOT ON BASES! OFFER AWAY. I'm only reselling designs for the amount I purchased them for with added art in mind, or cheaper. And I can do a payment plan but you wont be able to use...
  4. ThyBlackReaper

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Old Fursona Wolf Resale With 15 HQ Arts Price $70

    Selling for only $70 Comes with 15 HQ art! link to some more art here For Sale $70 on Toyhouse Am selling because I am leaving and saving for a car. Selling most of my adopts which you can check out here www.furaffinity.net: (Leaving) Character Purge ! OPEN - NEED GONE ASPA by ThyBlackReaper...
  5. ThyBlackReaper

    Help, Can Anyone Draw My GFs New Fursona Or My New OC

    Hi guys . would anyone help draw my gfs new female wolf OC? maybe anthro form or feral, or give her even a ref sheet. Ref: omething on Toyhouse Or maybe someone would want to draw my new male OC unknown on Toyhouse Feral or anthro Ill be very greatful nsfw or sfw is fine to. thanks everyone to...
  6. ThyBlackReaper

    Second life Fursona Mod

    hi im looking for getting my fursona on second life, Male, wolf Ref: www.furaffinity.net: Fursona Main Ref Sheet 2 and BIO by ThyBlackReaper I dont want him cute looking. Also im only allowed to use him please. Please show me refs and prices Budget: $40 Also new to second life not sure what to...
  7. ThyBlackReaper

    Saber Tooth Tiger, Male needs art

    This guy needs some art only got ref sheet. thyblackreaper.deviantart.com: Genzo Hakimura Feral Form Ref Sheet would love anthro form or feral form up to you headshots or whatever, im happy with. thank you heaps for reading this! (gotnomoneytopayforcomms)
  8. ThyBlackReaper

    Trading HQ OCs for ART/Charr

    Saw someone doing this. I have some adopts for sale or trade for art. All HQ some come with more art. Im looking for a Charr design or maybe someone can do some art of my own OCs Please look ThyBlackReaper on Toyhouse Rules: Art is worth the adopts price or close. I will not send the full res...
  9. ThyBlackReaper

    Anyone Want To Design A Mouth Ref For Dragon?

    I have no mouth ref for my dragon, anyone want to have a go at it, like the teeth and tongue? For Ferox Rivus Crux by ThyBlackReaper on DeviantArt
  10. ThyBlackReaper

    Draw My Fursona

    Hi this is my first xmas with my fursona since i also just joined this year and its been hard picking my fursona, finally found him. suits me so much. anyway i would love to see more art styles and whatnot, also maybe someone is bored or wants to grain more skills or something. so here is my...
  11. ThyBlackReaper

    Can anyone draw my bear OC?

    Hi guys so I dont have much money and hardly any art of my Bear OC. Also thought someone might have some fun drawing him. He is a Anthro and a feral form. Here he is www.furaffinity.net: Zerxa Blacksteel (Anthro) Ref Sheet and BIO by ThyBlackReaper Artwork Gallery for ThyBlackReaper -- Fur...
  12. ThyBlackReaper

    Give my OC Bear a Human form please?

    I'm trying to get a human form for my bear OC would anyone be willing to design a human form for him, waist up even or headshot is fine. Here he is So he has scars as well, also muscular build. no long hair styles please, his eyes colour is in there and outfit ref. You may also draw his bear...
  13. ThyBlackReaper

    Draw my Demonic Werewolf? <3

    Just gonna put him up there if anyone wants my draw my Werewolf Fursona/OC his both xD Feel free to draw him, maybe even for inktober if you wish. I would love to see what you come up with. I will be super thankful! I really badly need art of him.. Anyway here he is My Fursona by ThyBlackReaper...
  14. ThyBlackReaper


  15. ThyBlackReaper

    Draw My Wolf Dragon Hybrid OC

    Hi guys, hardly got any money and need to pay for car repairs x.x Anyway I got a new OC I want to give him a better cooler baddass/rough look if anyone wants to have a go at a wolf dragon furry or feral form here he is www.furaffinity.net: Ryuu Old Ref Sheet by ThyBlackReaper If you do draw him...
  16. ThyBlackReaper

    Seeking Artist For A NSFW Pinup Of My Fursona

    READ BEFORE COMMENTING. Budget: $10-$40 I want full coloured and shaded, can be to legs up or full body Ref sheet: akihiro-okami.deviantart.com: Fursona Ref Sheet akihiro-okami.deviantart.com: I Work Alone I want someone that can draw him and not some everyday wolf. Please I want to keep his...
  17. ThyBlackReaper

    GFs Birthday soon, draw our sonas? Please!

    OMG Its my girls birthday soon! I will like to get her some art but my paypal is not working right now. I have some points and im willing to put you on my Artist Feature Please help me get her some art or something. Here is our Sonas , mine also has a werewolf form you can draw him in that if...