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  1. Mystery117

    Any other Scalies/Rubber furs around?

    exactly what the title says. I consider myself more of a scalie/rubber "fur" than a true furry. I also like birbs but I don't know what the technical term for that particular subcategory is XD
  2. Mystery117

    What's in your gaming back log?

    basically, what games do you have, but haven't gotten around to playing/completing yet? for example, I have TONS of games I haven't gotten around to playing thanks to the Steam winter sale Like: -Alien Vs Predator 2011 -Aliens colonial Marines (for the lulz ofc XD) -Cities Skylines -Civ V and VI...
  3. Mystery117

    Rubber/latex/Pokemon/bondage Commissions for $5-$10 USD

    Hi everyone! I'm currently taking cheap Pokemon/latex/rubber/bondage commissions for $5-$10 USD. I'm sort of new to this, so forgive me if I left out some vital info. for more details, go here: www.furaffinity.net: Now open for commissions! -- MummyLover's Journal Or here...
  4. Mystery117


    Hi everyone, my name is MummyLover, and I just joined. Not really good at long, drawn out intro so I'll just leave it at that XD