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  1. Danza

    Bug/Site Problem: Submission Notifications Not Appearing

    Many users on my twitter were telling me that art I had uploaded wasn't showing at all in their inboxes, despite the art being up for over an hour. Other artists I've spoken to are having the same problem. Any idea what is causing it and if its going to get fixed? For now. I'm gonna hold of...
  2. Danza

    Virgin Media Banning/Blocking FA and FACDN 24/09/12

    Edit: Yeah it was indeed a routing issue VM had and is now resolved. Mod feel free to delete this threat as its no longer necessary! Cheers
  3. Danza

    LINE PEICE !!!!

    I want to suggest this as the next LOTD, Not sure how to submit it so I may as well put it here and hope someone knows how to contact Dragoneer, I know he doesn't accept notes on FA for them n..n Tetris God Of course, It becometh Sparta :D
  4. Danza

    Loosing 1,000 faves O_O

    Yeah, its exactly that... Last night I had I think 3,466 faves and today I have 2,560 something. I can understand that there may be some bugs and such that are getting ironed out but is there really any reason as to why I have just lost around 30 pics worth of faves ? (I'm not a good artist...
  5. Danza

    Hey everyone !!

    Hello everyone, I am a member over on DS and I have just signed up to the forums today. I am an amatuer artist but improving and I will be adding my art work at some point. So here is to my first post, but not my last :wink: