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  1. Thataveragedude

    Hiring: looking for a long term writer for my game (NSFW).

    Hello lovely people of the Internet, My name is ThatAverageDude or TAD for short and I'm looking for experienced NSFW writers who're interested in helping me out with my NSFW game called Feline Fantasies. Feline Fantasies is a text based eroge game where the object is to unlock different...
  2. Thataveragedude

    Hiring: Pixel animator SFW ($10 per piece).

    Hi there, I'm ThatAverageDude, I'm creating a game called Feline Fantasies which features a couple of items in pixel format. However, since the game is growing a bit, I figured it'd be fun if these items were animated to give them more life and make them look more appealing. They're meant to be...
  3. Thataveragedude

    Hiring: Seeking long term artist for flash game (SFW and NSFW $750).

    Hello everybody, My name is ThatAverageDude, or TAD for short, and I've been creating a text-based eroge game called Feline Fantasies, which you can find and play here (NSFW): e621.net: #1741697: lilnyams, thataveragedude, tir_amahn Recently, my artist quit the project due to time restraints...
  4. Thataveragedude

    Hiring: Looking for artist willing to draw me a BG for my laptop ($150 budget)

    Hi there, I am looking for any willing artist who is interested to draw me a full fledged background with two Pokémon OCs sailing on a boat on the sea with an island on the horizon. I am looking for a cute and soft style that manages to stay a bit realistic at the same time. Since it is a...
  5. Thataveragedude

    Hiring: Looking for an artist willing to draw a custom background for me ($150 budget).

    Hello lovely people of the internet, I am looking for any potential artist who is willing to draw me a full fledged background for my laptop, featuring two Pokémon OCs sailing on a sailboat on the sea with a specific island in the background. The style of the art I am looking for is a cute...
  6. Thataveragedude

    Request: Anyobody want to help me with my NSFW Pokédex?

    Hi there lovely people of Fur Affinity, My name's TAD and last year I've started a fun side-project where I searched the internet for NSFW art of all the Pokémon: the only catch was that they had to be female but most importantly, they had to be drawn au naturel AKA non-anthro. While this was...
  7. Thataveragedude

    Looking for willing artist to draw a set of Pikachu pictures (NSFW).

    Hi there, I'm looking for an artist who's interested in drawing me a set of female, feral Pikachu pictures. They'll all be NSFW and from a POV of the viewer's perspective. Willing to pay up $200 in total, so depending on prices for a single picture, will determine how many pics in total this...