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  1. south syde dobe

    The Laws of Physics no longer apply

  2. south syde dobe

    Dynasty Warriors Online

    http://dynastywarriors.aeriagames.com/guide/intro I gotta say this seems very promising, not bad graphics, decent tutorials and the battle mechanics are pretty good, if you've played a dynasty warrior game before you won't be disappointed and if you wasn't a fan then just give this a try...
  3. south syde dobe

    Movies that makes you go wtf!

    Here is one such one BaHvM9KVpcw "Apparently, Holmes' greatest accomplishment wasn't solving some kind of pussy mystery with stupid gay logic; it was that time he punched an Octopus in the tits, mounted a T-rex, and ghost-rode that shit into a fucking dragon." Anyhow post the worst movies...
  4. south syde dobe

    I never thought...

    A fursuit would be so inspirational before till I went and checked out Dogbomb's page on FA who made the banner for this month. There was one particular pic he had with a description that is so touching, it has over 12k views and is nearly faved about 2k times...not even the best furry porn can...
  5. south syde dobe


    QNwCojCJ3-Q I'm not sure how many have seen this but I decided to post it up here, it's like a mixture between MJ's Thriller and Happy Tree Friends xD
  6. south syde dobe

    What's your personality?

    http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/jtypes2.asp I gotta say I'm pretty impressed with this quiz and here are the results for myself after doing it. Your Type is INFP Strength of the preferences % Introverted 56% Intuitive 75% Feeling 12% Perceiving 22% Qualitative analysis of...
  7. south syde dobe

    Adorable yet destructive

    http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/502766 All I have to say is that Snowball isn't a bunny you'd want to fuck with
  8. south syde dobe

    Super Smash (Redone)

    http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/527393 Well enjoy
  9. south syde dobe


    I can finally make threads again >:3 Alright now to find a topic...what is your favorite breakfast food that you normally eat? I'll be making a poll in a second
  10. south syde dobe

    Pokemon Breeding

    It just amuses me to how pokemon breed...alright forum discuss your opinions and funny related stuff dealing with this game mechanic :3 Also this pic inspired me to make this thread NSFW I just put that tag just in case.
  11. south syde dobe


    It's something my brother wanted me to post here, flame his ass for doing so :3 http://www.y8.com/animation/Shock_2
  12. south syde dobe

    Have you ever...

    Eaten cookies? This is a srs thread guys.
  13. south syde dobe

    GoldenEye: Source beta

    I was just wondering if any of you have downloaded GoldenEye: Source yet, if you like the original GoldenEye 007 from the n64 then you are definitely going to love this, I'm downloading it right now and if you want the link well then here it is...
  14. south syde dobe

    Too early for a celebration

    I had to say, they kinda started a bit too early celebrating and it fucking cost them to lose lol xD http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/post/Video-Miracle-buzzer-beater-lifts-Croatian-team?urn=top,237060
  15. south syde dobe

    Lol @ art thief

    http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3767712/ What a dumbass xD
  16. south syde dobe

    Star Heavy?

  17. south syde dobe


    Is it me or does it seem like furries are trying to turn everyone else into furries? I just happened to click this random as vid and then viewed the comments and this user is slowly turning all his subscribers into furries...is there anyway to stop this horrible plague??? No6okNQP8Lc
  18. south syde dobe

    Psycho Dog Man

    0dZr5Obmp_c Yea this man got some serious issues...either that or he's been bitten by a furry werewolf lol
  19. south syde dobe


    Well I say they might be easier to offend then furries themselves, I happen to listen to my faction chat on PWI earlier and they just admitted some new person into the faction and she starts talking about vampires and stuff and then she mentioned Twilight and one of the other members plainly put...