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  1. FancySkunk

    Tail design?

    Well, this may be a bit odd, but I'm looking for a bit of feedback on a design for a tail. I wanted the tail to look a little bit more true to nature than what you'd usually see, and I came up with this mock-up: http://i53.tinypic.com/da441.jpg I have very little sewing experience, so I'd like...
  2. FancySkunk

    Hypnotic Suggestion (Viewing yourself as an anthro): Would you go through with it?

    First off: Major apologies if this is best served for the "Would you become a permanent anthropomorph" thread. I felt that this is different enough because it is not based on a hypothetical. Now then, I have been presented with a rather interesting opportunity. I have a connection, who can (for...
  3. FancySkunk

    Furs by College/University 2

    Continuing where Fuzzy Alien left off (and yes, I did get his permission to take over the thread): Wouldn't it be great to find out you're attending the same college as another fur? Well, post the college/university that you attend, and I'll get it listed for all everyone to see. Please...
  4. FancySkunk

    Darius the Skunk, in Detail

    Finally got around to doing this. Name: Darius Age: 20 Sex: Male Species: Striped Skunk Height: 6’ 1” Weight: 225 (Average build) Appearance: Hair and fur: * Fur is the standard skunk's black and white * Relatively short, but fairly wild black hair; combed backwards, but not slicked...
  5. FancySkunk

    Well, Hello There.

    Some of you may have seen me in the #furaffinity IRC channel the past few days. Well, after a long an painful three-ish days of reading old threads while awaiting my registration to finally go through, I'm finally able to introduce myself around here. So, here it goes: I'm definitely a "new...