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  1. Martin_Fax

    Group Profile search?

    Not sure if this was ever thought of. But what if we gave people an option to set a profile as a group during creation. So, that when people are interested in finding groups, they can go to browse to find new or pre existing groups?
  2. Martin_Fax

    Anyone Interested in Drawing a pudgy fox?

    I don't uselly do this because I'm not sure about what people would think of my fursona. But, i got a new ref so here i go ^_^ I really love Gideon from zootopia. I have a very shy affection for my own pudge. I love hugs and making others feel loved. Please... SFW ONLY!
  3. Martin_Fax

    Need A Tail Ref (Fox)

    I am in need a of a tail ref.... its getting repetitive with me explaining how big my tail is lol... http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/martinfax/ I'm about 6'2 and the tail would be about 7ft long and about 2ft in diameter ,its really big and fluffy, with all the fluff the tail could be...
  4. Martin_Fax

    Possiable Group Idea?

    I just recently had an idea for a FA group that has to do with furries who like having giant/fluffy/long tails, like i mean tails where more then just one person could hold it....Or big enough to cover those skinny furries out there like a blanket lol This would range from scalies to rodent...
  5. Martin_Fax

    help a fox out for fat bunny week

    hey guys! hows it going? fat bunny week is coming up and was wondering if anyone would like to turn this fat fox, into a fat bunny http://www.furaffinity.net/user/martinfax/ have a look see at my gallery if you are interested^^
  6. Martin_Fax

    New Fox, needs badge!

    got a con in 2 weeks and was wondering if anyone would be willing to do a quick lil badge that i can print out for the con ? I jus got this suit so basically i have nothing to show art wise for him... http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/martinfax/ so heres my pudgy fox suit ^^ if you do a full...