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  1. It'sBlitz

    Guilt tripping for art: Do your "friends" do it?

    I mean have you had crap like this happen to you before?
  2. It'sBlitz

    Your OC as a Video game charecter

    Hey, I want to see what people have done with their OC to to dress them like a character from a video game. Here I am, Blitz, taking on the role of Blitz (Rainbow 6 Siege)
  3. It'sBlitz

    Tablet gloves?

    So, when I normally draw on paper, I rest my hand on the paper to keep my hand steady. Unfortunately, much of my work not is done on a Microsoft surface Tablet, and I cannot rest my hand without totally messing up everything. So does anyone know of a glove that will cancel out my hand's touch on...
  4. It'sBlitz

    How does one create links?

    How does one go about creating links to other profiles in either your submissions or on your page?
  5. It'sBlitz

    Anyone play R6 siege?

    Does anyone out there play Rainbow 6 Siege, and might want to play together?
  6. It'sBlitz

    Finding Furs

    What is the best way to find furs near where you are? Are there specific threads or websites for that?