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  1. SamiPiplup

    (RP) Raising Fur (Open) (SFW Raising a Baby Fur to Adulthood RP)

    The year is 2020. The first animal human hybrids to survive to birth were created a year ago. Just this year, volunteer parents to be have been chosen to care for the first generation of these 'furries'. Rules- Mentions of breastfeeding are allowed. You may not mention anything obviously...
  2. SamiPiplup

    What Species Should My Fursona Be? Decided!

    I have a cat fursona that I don't really use as much anymore, and when I get into fursuits, I don't really want her to be my first suit. So, I am trying to decide on a species for my main fursona. I am thinking of a fox, wolf, or jackal.