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  1. Gangsta Fox

    Iconic furry art

    Hi everyone, i noticed a lot of nice furry art was created in the mid late 2000s by some young and upcoming artists. Very iconic work indeed that got got people into the fandom. Art that was so good often stolen and put into music video slideshows. Can anyone here link me to some of this art...
  2. Gangsta Fox

    Should children be allowed into the Furry Fandom?

    Hi, I hope I'm not too late. No, get these brats out of here. I'm tired of the youth being corrupted. . We don't need any 13 year olds hanging out getting diaper fetishes, being snobs, yaff, and other unsavory furry things.
  3. Gangsta Fox

    What's your favorite Anime?

    Ghost in the Shell. Macross Plus
  4. Gangsta Fox

    Social media envy

    I have a naggy clingy fanbase on another social media page I may not speak of. They are always very annoying and weird and ready to humiliate me when I desire more. And I let them. Yes I believe I am ignoring the worst parts of my counterparts lifes. But still I hate it. I hate reading their...
  5. Gangsta Fox

    Social media envy

    I'm unbelievably insecure. I don't belong.
  6. Gangsta Fox

    Social media envy

    You're right. Whining and complaining about people who instantly turn me off isn't going to do anything. The best thing I can do is go over the hump What am I not trying hard enough to do again?
  7. Gangsta Fox

    Social media envy

    Does anyone get this all the damn time? I go on social media just to enjoy myself and then suddenly I see someone who is NOTHING like me strive and succeed. Who is everything I spite. A snobby human being. A person who is younger and better than you. Has 30k followers while you're in the...
  8. Gangsta Fox

    Sony vegas help

    So I use Sony vegas to make very haha funny videos you see? Well now I have 2 drives. C drive and D drive. Is it possible to install the other drive? For free? Or do I have to re-register for a product I already own?
  9. Gangsta Fox

    Why do you identify as an animal character?

    I went on DA forums once. Someone there said they did not want to be called a furry for reasons unsure other than they "just draw. Furry is just when you like funny animals. " Then I said "To be furry you must identify as an anthropomorphic creature." They said "It's just an internet identity...
  10. Gangsta Fox

    What inspired your fursona?

    Kirk Cobain Cringey 90's culture Frank Grimes from Ugly Americans for his scar World War 2 I just like Foxes in general
  11. Gangsta Fox

    What do you love about this fandom?

    I don't like anything about it besides pretending to be an mutant animal and having 3 friends.
  12. Gangsta Fox

    What is your artistic weakness?

    I can't draw anatomy or good colors well. All my poses are stiff. Also adding perspective in that mix.
  13. Gangsta Fox

    I am so happy I deleted that cancerous account. I am Scot free!

    I am so happy I deleted that cancerous account. I am Scot free!
  14. Gangsta Fox

    What do you guys think of an Art Storage

    This is an idea had taken from DeviantART and thought it would be great if you would apply it here. I would like to ad an art storage. Let's put a storage for art here, let's say you had a picture you liked but it's inappropriate or unwanted on the gallery. And you want to keep the score of how...
  15. Gangsta Fox

    Login/Password Problems: I cannot log into my FurAffinity account.

    Since the mass password change of 2016 happened for some apparent reason. I am no longer able to go into FA. Why? Because I have a DEAD email account. The email address of Redfoxbenn@verizon.net is gone. I had it since I was 15, but then I used Gmail instead for it was far faster. Now i would...
  16. Gangsta Fox


  17. Gangsta Fox

    What should I do for my page?

    Can I lock it some how?
  18. Gangsta Fox

    What should I do for my page?

    Red Foxes only? Random Furrys? Or Random Furrys with my best Deviantart pics?
  19. Gangsta Fox

    Hi, I am new too fur affinity forums.

    What are your interests and what is your best advice for this website?