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  1. Martin_Fax

    [CLOSED] Looking for Canines to practice with!

    I take a spot if you do a 3rd batch ^_^ That's if you are okay with doing plumper fursonas ^_^
  2. Martin_Fax

    Group Profile search?

    Not sure if this was ever thought of. But what if we gave people an option to set a profile as a group during creation. So, that when people are interested in finding groups, they can go to browse to find new or pre existing groups?
  3. Martin_Fax

    Free Character Comissions

    apparently i was quoted. ^_^
  4. Martin_Fax

    Free Character Comissions

    would you be interested in this lil plump ball?
  5. Martin_Fax

    Sketch Requests

    would you be interested in a larger body type? www.furaffinity.net: Ref V2 (scrap upload) by Martin_Fax
  6. Martin_Fax

    Question: Should freebie participants be moderated?

    I come here ever so often to try to get some free art/ give artist a chance at a different body type. when ever i do join though... i see like the same 5-8 ppl first for every post. which i find to be out right leaching / lurking the sub forum and refreshing every couple mins!
  7. Martin_Fax

    Taking Requests

    How about a pudgy fox?
  8. Martin_Fax

    free sketches/ icons/ headshots/busts

    Would you be willing to give a larger fursona a shot?
  9. Martin_Fax

    will feather your character

    Would you be interested in giving me some tiny wings and struggling to fly? lol
  10. Martin_Fax

    June Training! [Dynamic/Action Pose]

    If you are open. I would love to get something from you of my pudgy fox wearing clothes similer to Gideon Gray from zootopia. If it is at all possiable? Real life Cosplay i did : www.furaffinity.net: Talk About That Apron! by Martin_Fax Ref : www.furaffinity.net: Ref Sheet V2 by Martin_Fax...
  11. Martin_Fax

    Gimme some time-killers!

    how about a pudgy fox?
  12. Martin_Fax


    Howdy ^_^ Would you be interested in drawing a pudgy fox? www.furaffinity.net: Ref Sheet V2 by Martin_Fax fell free to use my gallery for more ref! martin is a shy pudgy fox with a even pudger tail. he has a shy affection for his own pudge. but he loves hugs amongst other things ^_^ loves pies...
  13. Martin_Fax

    Taking requests [gone fishing for now]

    I love it... the face is so cute!!! lol
  14. Martin_Fax

    Hey there! I'm doing requests!

    how about a pudgy shy fox?
  15. Martin_Fax

    Sketch requests~

    I love it ^_^ thanks ^_^
  16. Martin_Fax

    I want to draw for you ^.^

    how about a cute pudgy fox?
  17. Martin_Fax

    Sketch requests~

    Really like your style! would you be up for drawing a pudgy Fox?
  18. Martin_Fax

    Taking on a few sketches (Closed; Will probs do more later on this summer~)

    How about a pudgy fox ^_^, anything involving Gideon or just being cute would be awesome ^_^
  19. Martin_Fax

    very quick requests [CLOSED]

    love it!!!