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  1. Barafu_PineBerry

    I need a Protogen expert

    How would a protogen take over a small city stuck in the 1990's ? It's for a audio book project. The Protogen just entered a time portal and the year is 1997 for him and he's located in a small city 50,000 in population size. How would the Protogen take over the small city?
  2. Barafu_PineBerry

    Furry (seasonal theme) music video

    Is there anyone here who knows of any cute furry music videos with seasonal themes like this one? This little gem is so cute! with copyright free music! Please post SFW furry music videos you find cute.
  3. Barafu_PineBerry

    Cat noises

    Meow. Meow-meow, meow-meow-meow..... meow. *stretches and purrs* Bbbrrow? Meow.
  4. Barafu_PineBerry

    Mod recommendation for Twitch channels

    Are there any mods that are recommended for furry twitch gaming channels? I stream from Sunday to Thursday from 5pm to 10pm. I take Fridays and Saturdays off. Do you know anyone available during those hours?