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  1. Zuriak

    Why do people hate being thanked for faves and watches?

    Something I noticed is over time, some people come to hate thank-you and compliments. I met a fantastic artist in person one time and they went on and on about how they hate people whom tell them their work is good. Their work *is* good, but why is it a bad thing for someone to tell you this...
  2. Zuriak

    Just found out my friend is in one of the cringiest videos of the Brony fandom

    I take it we're now all uniformly pro-choice because of this, right?
  3. Zuriak

    Most of the "annoying", "stereotypical" traits of furries...

    Generally it's the people who bring the furry fandom into real life. Take off those cat ears, remove that fox tail and don't do animal things in public. You're not a goddamn animal. Also people that emote or verbally act out animal mannerisms. Jesus take the wheel from this jackassery. I'm just...
  4. Zuriak

    The Internet: friend or foe?

    It allows me to view wieners at any hour of the day, so that's good. People have always been gullible and stupid, but the internet does provide information to the masses be it useful or utter bullshit. It's the digital equivalent of theGutenberg printing press. Hell, some even want to declare...
  5. Zuriak

    bad restaurant experiences.

    That's fucking dreadful, sorry that happened. Don't quite understand why people don't wash their hands or want to taint food with fecal matter.
  6. Zuriak

    bad restaurant experiences.

    I got two, actually. The first was some years ago, some friends and I went to a local IHOP for dinner. One of my friends decides she wants to be sarcastically hostile to the server about the menu's wording and to no surprise all of our food sucked and we received understandable poor service. We...
  7. Zuriak

    Big Bang Theory Appreciation Thread

    Meh, the general idea of it is correct in that everything seems to be moving away and expanding; it ties is with entropy and the like but admittedly I'm no expert.
  8. Zuriak


    Nice try, NSA.
  9. Zuriak

    Big Bang Theory Appreciation Thread

    The show is stupid, and the theory is backed and understood by people far more intelligent than I could ever hope to be. Thus far it seems reasonable.
  10. Zuriak

    Rp thread (starship yifferprise )

    http://i.imgur.com/F0xo6oR.jpg 40K up in this mofo.
  11. Zuriak

    Am I intolerant? I want a clone for a best friend.

    http://i.imgur.com/2LQpLCP.jpg That's quite the self-necro post.
  12. Zuriak

    Rp thread (starship yifferprise )

    "But Captain, I thought RP wasn't allowed in General Discussion!"
  13. Zuriak

    Why do we commission other artists?

    For reasons. "I want to commission you to draw a female character!" "Alrighty, can do!" "But with a penis." "O-okay..." "Yeah. That should do it. Thanks." I'm a simple man.
  14. Zuriak

    So any other gun loving furs out there

    Nice setup, that's a sexy Mosin. That PSL is actually worth lots nowadays, so don't write it off as unimpressive just yet!
  15. Zuriak

    What value is there to shitposting?

    http://i.imgur.com/Byi0ME2.jpg You're being sarcastic, aren't you?
  16. Zuriak

    So any other gun loving furs out there

    N-n-necro! Since we have a thread for this, I might as well use it. So I got a Chinese look-a-like rail for half the price of an actual MI one (I'm evil, I know), and then a Vortex Strikefire II red dot scope and slapped it on my Yugo pattern AK. http://i.imgur.com/zR58zoj.jpg...
  17. Zuriak

    The weird thing about weirdness

    Everyone's got something weird about them, some people just have more weird things than others and it shows. Furries are pretty fuckin' weird, though. Animal fur and penises and all that kind of stuff. Super weird. Yeah.
  18. Zuriak

    What do you wear in a heatwave?

    For Agatha! For a heatwave? Stay indoors with a white cotton shirt and boxers.
  19. Zuriak

    What value is there to shitposting?

    http://i.imgur.com/g8gFL0X.jpg It's primarily meant to straight insult the other party. If you have no substance, shitposting follows.
  20. Zuriak

    Why Feminism is poisoning the gaming industry and why anita sarkeesian needs to stop.

    Re: Why Feminism is poisoning the gaming industry and why anita sarkeesian needs to s Look, you can hate the arguments but there's no need to hate the person. Thus far you've only served up straw mans and insults, now you're just being shitty. Par for the course for SJWs, but I was hoping you...