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  1. Dayken

    Diesel clothing line releases a " SFW XXX" ad/video.

    http://current.com/items/89337913_diesel_sfw_xxx_fashion_firm_makes_cheeky_sfw_porn_ad I know this has been going around, but it's still amazing. Wouldn't recommend actually watching this at work, though. (Also, I apologize if the thread title looks awkward, it was hard to make it not...
  2. Dayken

    Lasanga Cat (surreal Garfield parodies)

    http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=lasagnacat Didn't see any thread about these yet, so I thought it was fair game. Bizarre live-action reenactments of painfully unfunny Garfield strips (though aren't they ALL painfully unfunny?), but it's the "music videos" that come afterwards that make...
  3. Dayken

    Favorite "bad"/guilty pleasure movie?

    I was wondering, are there any "bad" movies you guys like? I don't mean the painful, "Lord, take me now" kind of bad (i.e., Manos), but the funny kind of bad. The overacted, under budget, "You can actually see the boom mic!" kind of bad. Street Fighter - While it may by tied with Super Mario...