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  1. sleepycryptid

    [OPEN] Closed Species Monster Adopts

    These are Koba, a closed species! Each is $25 or you can commission me for one of your own. Buyer will get the un-watermarked image and have all rights to the character. Message me if you’re interested. These guys are highly adaptable and able to survive almost anywhere. They all originate from...
  2. sleepycryptid

    Custom Character Design Sheets (Can be NSFW)

    Would anyone be interested in buying a character reference sheet (like this one) for around $40? The price is pretty negotiable based on content. I'd also be willing to design a character for you (ie you give me a basic idea and I come up with the design for it) and create a NSFW reference for...
  3. sleepycryptid

    Borzoi Necromancer

    This guy is $40. The buyer will have all rights to their design and will have access to the non watermarked image. Message me if interested or commission me for a drawing of your own character!