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  1. xX-Nix-Xx

    Pixel Doll Commissions - 2 Slots Open

    Hey guys! Just taking two slots for a pixel doll commission like the one above! At the moment I'm only doing feral characters. Each one is $20 usd. SLOTS 1. OPEN 2. OPEN (While the art above was done by me, the character belongs to fleekd on Deviantart)
  2. xX-Nix-Xx

    Furry NSFW - First Auction

    Alright guys, I'm a bit of a newb here (Though I've spent several years over at Deviantart) so please be nice to me. I've got my first auction going on so please let me know what you think! Thanks guys! www.furaffinity.net: Against The Wall - YCH Auction by Nix-Tempesedo www.furaffinity.net...