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  1. TempestValiant

    WIP Critique (soft NSFW)

    Hello, I'm currently working on a character that is meant to be a female barbarian/Germanic type warrior. I'm considering this NSFW because she is topless, but it is not meant to be sexual, just casual nudity. www.furaffinity.net: Olivia Starling WIP by TempestValiant Any suggestions on...
  2. TempestValiant

    Critique: Looking for citique

    Thank you for the advice! This is really helpful!
  3. TempestValiant

    Critique: Looking for citique

    Hey all, I'm looking to improve on my art skills. I mostly do nsfw work and want to get better so I may produce content of better quality. I use Photoshop, though I am still very new to it. Here is the link to my page. Any comments, constructive criticism and critique is welcome. Thank you...